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A New Sweet Treat

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Last summer was the summer of the cronut. I have yet to actually have one. They look gloriously delicious and I don’t care what anyone says. I’d like to evaluate one on my own terms. But I’d just like to tell the world how lucky we are to have someone who has invented the cronut. Why, you ask? Well the man behind the magic, French baker Dominique Ansel, has just came up with something that can rival his first sweet creation. He made this baby:

This is genius. Sure, it might be a little backwards when you think about how you normally eat milk and cookies, but why not change it up? It still tastes the same. So how do I get to SXSW to try one of these? Can I make one myself? I’m willing to throw myself full force into the kitchen to figure out a way to do this. If I have time and any success, I’ll certainly share. Or, if anyone just wants to get me some of these and bring them to my house, that will do just fine too.


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