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Another Crazed Picture Post

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I’m getting ready for show #2! Here comes All Shook Up. And I’m done with 5 weeks of the 12 weeks of physical therapy, so those appointments also keep me busy. And I have almost no idea what day it is again! I have no idea what I’m doing! Get ready for a picture post! My week in pictures, again! Minus pictures of physical therapy, because I really don’t need to share pictures of the 60-90 pelvic tilts I do every session. Ok? Here we go!


First up! Sweeney Todd with the NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center!

sweeney todd cast

Here’s the list of the leads in the show. First of all – amazing. Second of all – the question mark was the best part. Click on that to watch clips from the show and at about 1:08 see that Audra McDonald was the Beggar Woman! NY Phil punk’d us all and surprised everyone with Audra! My queen!


The stage – pre show. If you watched the video, you see that obviously it doesn’t stay this way.


Here’s curtain call! Photo credz actually goes to one of the kids from 9 to 5. Another FYI – We were all on our feet, smacking our hands together so hard right at this moment. The ensemble, the NY Philharmonic, the lead actors, and the conductor all gave jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring performances. To be honest, when the lights went out, way before the cast even took their curtain call, the entire audience was up on their feet. It was that good.


Here I am, looking absolutely crazy/crazed with Christian Borle, who was really nice when I asked for a picture.



Here I am with Ryan Andes! He was in the ensemble of Sweeney Todd and even more importantly was Karl the giant in Big Fish My friends and I met him at the stage door when we saw Big Fish, and he was honestly the nicest person ever and stopped to have a full conversation with us. I wanted to take a picture with him, but our ride showed up and kind of clogged traffic on the street, so we dashed. Here we are a few months later and I had my chance again! I may have delayed our school bus leaving by insisting that I stalk the stage door to wait for him. Sorry not sorry that I’m so weird and obsessive. Also speaking of Big Fish and Ryan Andes, please click here to see the world’s best GIF ever that I found on BroadwayBox.com. It’s really kind of massive so I didn’t want to post it on this page itself. But it’s the best, ever.

The cats missed me. Here they are being cute.

We’re doing some set painting and light hanging with the kids to get ready for All Shook Up. Some progress pics.

I bought fabric for All Shook Up! Two shopping carts’ worth, actually. And then I bought a serger too. Oops. I don’t even know how to use it, to be perfectly honest. Double oops.

So yesterday my pal and I went into the city again to go to 54 Below to see “54 Below Sings Side Show!” So next to Big Fish, my other musical obsession is Side Show, the show about conjoined twins Violet and Daisy Hilton. My friend and I are so nutty for it, so we got tickets to this awesome dinner and a show night. While in the city, I went to my favorite place to grab a bite to eat – Schmackary’s. Yes, my favorite place to eat in the city is a cookie place. They had two!!! gluten free flavors yesterday – monster cookie and sweet corn. I ate them both, obviously. Just thinking about the sweet corn cookie makes me salivate. Best cookie ever on this Earth. I took a lot of selfies because I’m crazy. And when we went to 54 Below, out seats were actually right next to the stage. Practically on stage. Afterwards, we met Norm Lewis, Jeff McCarthy, Alice Ripley (pictured with me! She was so nice! She’s so talented! I died!), and Nick Cearley from The Skivvies. A very successful evening!

photo 4

And finally, today, a student brought her dog to rehearsal. Best rehearsal ever? Close enough when there’s a dog involved.

So there you have it! My very busy, very exciting, very exhausting week! I hope you click on some of the links and check out The Skivvies and 54 Below and everything. They’re all awesome and worth checking out if you like theatre or musicals or music at all. Also, again, the Sweeney Todd video is phenomenal. Hopefully next week I’ll be less crazy!


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