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DSC00795Ok, so, tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of spring.  Given that there is still snow on the ground here in parts of Philly, it’s not really feeling like it.  I was discussing the weather with a co-worker this morning, because, what else is there really to make small talk about these days?

We’ve decided though, that we’re going to just start acting like it’s spring regardless of the temperature and hope that the weather will catch up quickly.  Here are the four things that I’m most looking forward to with the warmer weather, or starting tomorrow:
Warm weather clothes:
Don’t get me wrong, I love a cozy sweater as much as the next person, but with the weather this year, I feel like my wardrobe choices have been very limited, especially considering that I have to dress on the fancier end of business casual for work each day.  “It’s cold today?  Better wear the same wool pants and boots that I’ve been wearing for the past two weeks.”  (Refer to this post on how to walk a mile to work in a polar vortex and live to tell the story)  I’m ready for some other options, light weight cropped pants, skirts and dresses, flats without socks, the possibilities are endless.
Green things:
I really believe that every season has some redeeming qualities:  the foliage and crisp air in the fall, the bright warm sun and long days of the summer, and even the sight of freshly fallen snow and cold winter breezes, in the spring I always look forward to seeing the grass turn greener, and the little flower buds appearing on the trees.  I think that if I can get the trees and grass to follow along in my, “let’s just pretend it’s spring anyway” experiment, then the temperature can’t be too far behind.
Being outside:
The past two weekends we’ve been lucky enough to have a least one warm day were it felt nice to just go out and walk around.  Everyone in Philly was outside taking pictures, sitting outside drinking coffee, iced coffee even.  It’s been a long winter of dark yoga classes and running on treadmills, I’m excited to be able to stretch my legs and expand my lungs outside a little bit.
Fresh food:
 My winter diet is completely predictable, it’s like hibernation.  Cheese, carbs, roasted vegetables, soup.  I do try to throw in the occasional salad, but it’s just not the same when you know the ingredients have been sitting in a truck and then a store and then your fridge for days and days.  I haven’t fully committed to eating locally (I would like to try to more), but there is something about eating foods that are in season that seems so much more satisfying.
And that’s it.  Happy spring everyone!  What are you looking forward to most?

3 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Question: Is that picture from the park in Scotland?

    Follow-up question: If so, is it weird that I recognized/remembered those flowers?

    Follow-follow-up question: Can we go back to Scotland?

  2. Yes it is in Scotland, no it’s not weird, and yes we can definitely go back!!

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