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Retro Toy Throwback: My Faves


NJ musical season is OVER! OVER! Lots of stress, lots of success. But I came home from strike Saturday night and I have been in bed ever since (except for physical therapy today). Thanks to my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I need to recover from musical season by not moving, ever at all, for awhile.

So here I am, stuck in bed with my cats and lots of tea, in my childhood bedroom. My room sure does look very different now than it did when I was younger, though, thankfully. There is quite a large lack of pink, and of toys.

Oh, toys. I miss toys. Sometimes I miss babysitting because I just want to play with toys sometimes. I don’t think that’s too weird, do you? When my cousins were little, I loved playing with their toys…with them. I mean. Playing with them. My cousins.

Some of their toys, however, are not up to my 90s standards. Let’s flashback to some of my favorite toys, of all time. Retro childhood flashback, begin!


Polly Pockets

Let’s start out with this picture. This.


These. Are not. Not. Polly Pockets. That car does not fit in the overly large pockets of my childhood overalls. There isn’t much “pocket” sized about these new Polly’s.


THESE are real Polly Pockets (all photos are from onlypollypocket.com, it’s a magical website!). They are toys which are so small that my parents often had to dive into the dusty bags of the vacuum to search and rescue the tiny pieces. They were usually compact shaped, and later morphed into cute house shapes with sidewalks. I had so many that there was actually a full-fledged town on my bedroom floor. I loved these toys. Thank goodness they’re all still in my attic so that I can pass down some legit toys from the best decade ever to my potential future children.


Littlest Pet Shop

Let’s review, again.



NOT Littlest Pet Shops.



Yes! The pictures above are some of the sets that I had, and loved. Of course, being an animal lover started at a young age. And yes, of course I had the Beethoven sets, because it was only the best movie series ever when I was a child. I’m only referring to the 1st and 2nd movies, though. I never saw or intended to see the weird ones that came after.


I’d also like to sadly point out that in order for me to find pictures of any of the “original” pet shop sets, I actually had to Google “Vintage Littlest Pet Shop”. I feel old now.


Pound Puppies

Not sure who these guys are….?


But the Pound Puppies that I had were soft, mushy, and really sad looking. I wasn’t really that into the Pound Puppies craze, but this van playset that I had was really popular in my bedroom, amongst the Littlest Pop Shop toys as well.



Yes! Yes! Of course we had Legos in our house! They lived in my brother’s room, but there was no gendering here – we both played with them.


I won’t even begin to get started with Lego’s new “female” marketing, because it drives me nuts and doesn’t leave room for nearly as much imaginative playing as the general sets do.

Too much pink, too much gender, not ok.

Too much pink, too much gender, not ok.

I mean, my brother and I just put everything in one big plastic bin and built whatever we felt like building. Usually a town, which started in the hallway, and required a toll to get into. Yeah, Mom, we’re looking at you. Pay the toll!


Little Tikes

I had this amazingly stylish play-kitchen in our basement. I had lots of fake food and made a lot of great fake phone calls. It had no bells and whistles. It made no sounds and had no lights. Simple imagination at work.

Dat yellow phone, doe.

Dat yellow phone, doe.


I also had the cute miniature version in my Little Tikes dollhouse. I don’t know why but the part I remember the most was the miniature vacuum. Is that weird? That should be weird.

image from the Pinterest-verse

image from the Pinterest-verse



YES. YAAASSSS. I love Jurassic Park! We had so many dinosaurs!!! The best pieces were the cars and the visiting center. We were so cool. My brother and I were obsessed. I still am. I still love these movies and will also pass down these toys to future children.


Video Games and all of their early incarnations

We had/still have an original Gameboy, 2 Gameboy colors with Pokemon on them, a Gameboy Advance, a Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, and of course a Wii and PS3. We love video games. We aren’t obsessed, mind you, but we had fun with them.


Let’s also not forget early computer games. My fave were the Barbie games and this Goosebumps work of art, which 10/10 would play again. I can’t forget about this sweet handheld Aladdin game, which kept me company on various car trips to grandma’s.


Kitty Kitty Kittens

Yes, future cat ladies have to start somewhere, and started with 2 Kitty Kitty Kittens. Not only are those little faces just so super irresistibly cute, but they also had some sort of ball or something in their head that made a fairly realistic purring noise when you moved the cat.


I’ll always remember going to Florida when I was young, and having to put my Kitty Kitty Kitten through the security xray at the airport because they honestly had no idea what was inside that animal’s head. I remember that I was crying because I didn’t understand that I would get the kitty back in about 20 seconds. Ah, childhood.



Let’s not forget that I was indeed a Barbie girl. Maybe playing with Barbie’s had an influence on my future as a costumer, but I know that certainly this Teacher Barbie playset was my favorite, and considering how badly I want to be a teacher, I’m not surprised that out of all the Barbie’s I have had, this is the one that I remember.

Retro Teacher Barbie

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all of my favorite toys, but it’s certainly a list of the most memorable ones.


What were some of your favorite toys that you had while growing up? Any favorite memories?


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

2 thoughts on “Retro Toy Throwback: My Faves

  1. I had the Beauty and the Beast video game…never quite figured out how to play it. Probably because I was too busy being the world’s best architect with all my Legos. Best toy ever.

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