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It’s baseball season!!!! I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am and how long I’ve been waiting for spring. Ugh, the most wonderful time of the year is just beginning.

The 2014 season is so bittersweet for us Yankee fans. Derek Jeter is back to his normal, athletic, beautiful self on the field after an injury-riddled 2013. But, Derek Jeter is retiring once this year’s campaign is over. He is the face of the Yankees and the face of the game of baseball, and no one is a better example of a leader and a player than him. I’m not sure I’ll make it through this farewell tour, as there will be buckets of tears, and I sure as hell hope that the Yankees go all the way and win the championship this year. Do it for the Captain.

The rotation for sure can be one of the best in the major leagues this year, but they need to throw strikes dammit. After watching the first three games of the season, they need to pull it together a little bit. I know it’s early, but still. It was a series against the Astros. The Astros! Cmon. Almost got swept by them because the starting pitching has allowed far too many runs. Ugh. Moving on. Today it’s Tanaka time! #TANAK

The bullpen though, well I need to be more confident in what’s out there because I’m pretty sure after spending half a billion dollars on other contracts this offseason, outside help is not coming in. i’ve been surprised so far these first three games, since the bullpen has come in and basically shut it down and been solid. I really didn’t have much faith in what was out there going into the season. But hearing on the broadcasts “life after Mo” makes me want to cry forever. I’m going to have faith in David Robertson, but who isn’t missing the Sandman?

I’m excited about acquiring some heavy power hitters who are sure to help with the run support that they clearly lacked last year with a bajillion injuries. Carlos Beltran better start smacking the guts out of those baseballs, and Jacoby Ellsbury better start stealing some bases. I can’t wait to see Brian McCann hit to the short right porch in Yankee Stadium. Home runs galore. As for Mark Teixeira, I swear, if that surgically repaired wrist of his doesn’t hold up, well, I just don’t know what I’d do without his catlike moves over at first. Oh and locking up Brett Gardner for the next four years? Thank you! Love that speed demon.

The first few games have been pretty sloppy, but I have to keep telling myself that it’s April, not September. As long as everyone stays healthy, I think they can win 92 games and be a powerhouse in the AL East. It’s too early to get worried, but that hasn’t stopped me from stressing through everything I’ve seen so far. It’s natural for a diehard. But here’s to a great season, a Season 2 Watch. Also, it was announced yesterday that the Core Four will be together for pregame ceremonies at the home opener on Monday and I AM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I WILL BE THERE AND I AM SHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT. ALL THE FEELS. AHHHH!!!! LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!!!


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  1. AAAAAHHH YAYAYAYAY have fun!!!!!

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