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Summer Is On Its Way

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Summer doesn’t officially start for most of us until Memorial Day Weekend, but now that the weather is much more pleasant, it has me wishing for May 24th to just hurry up and get here. And that’s got me thinking about what I want to do this summer. So many fun things need to happen, especially after the brutal and tough winter I know I went through. The list will be ongoing, of course, so I’m open to ideas to add to it.



I long for the Jersey Shore. The sand beneath my toes. The Atlantic Ocean’s waves knocking me over. The sweet smells of the boardwalk. Good lord how can you not be excited for that. Plans of a beach house with friends fell through, but I don’t need that to make or break my summer. I will gladly drive to any beach and lay there for the day by myself. It’s like a ritual and I’m beyond ready for it. I need some tanlines!



Duh. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you knew this would be here. I don’t need to explain why America’s pasttime is the sport of the summer. As my dear Kenny Chesney once said, “summertime is finally here, that old ballpark, man, is back in gear.” Let’s go Yankees! Also, get me to every game in the Bronx.



Well, as of right now, I’ve only got one planned concert. Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, heyyyy! There’s nothing like a country concert right smack dab in the middle of summer. I can’t wait. Totally called the Aldean/baseball stadium tour too…hence why I jumped on it…. Perhaps if a cheap ticket or two comes up, another concert might happen? A DJ or two? You all know how I like that too.



I do believe, that I will in fact, be attending a wedding this summer. It’s a friend from college, so that makes it all the more fun, to be celebrating with all your closest friends. Not many of my friends are in situations where they will be getting married any time soon, so the ones that do occur are sure to be much more enjoyable, at least on my end. If you don’t like to get dressed up and celebrate something with your friends, well then I just don’t know what you’re doing wrong.



The summer was meant for being outside, grilling, drinking, and kibitzing on the porch while the sun sets. All things I look forward to each and every summer. My sister is graduating college soon, so I know that means there will be at least one wild and crazy family get together (bracing myself for dying from laughter already). There is an annual hot air balloon festival in my town in July that allows for the perfect barbecue setup with a million family friends, as much as that festival is a pain in my butt to get around town. Thousands of people descend upon my little farm town and it’s like a scene from the Hunger Games, but in cars, getting around here. Aside from that, the summer just makes people want to get out and see others, as opposed to being in hibernation mode all winter. Why not have a ridiculous pizza and ice cream and beer party with your friends, just because? Nothing has to make sense, as long as there’s good food and good people.



After all the nonsense I’ve been through, here’s crossing my fingers to a pain-free summer of riding. I’m so close to getting back in the saddle, and as long as all goes well, summertime will be grand because I’ll be with my pony.



Duh. Again. You think I could go a whole summer without a color run? Aha, I will indeed be closing out the summer with one again. With my bros. All the color and happiness. It damn near brings me to tears I’m so excited. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these color runs just bring out another level of fun and happiness. Do one.


Like I said, the list is ongoing. But after the polar vortex hell we just went through, we all deserve to have one hell of a summer. So start making your plans! Because, YOLO!


My new favorite summertime jam. Fitting.


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