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To Blog Or Not To Blog: Baseball Talk

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This post today is more or less a poll from whatever readers we may have here and Yankee fans who may find this because of various tags. You all know the diehard fandom of the New York Yankees I have by now, and it’s been suggested to that I start a blog strictly about the team. The content would probably be fun facts, brief game time analysis, highlights, and my reactions, and personal experiences I have, as well as some generic baseball talk. Basically just my own personal thoughts and opinions on what I see, hear, and read about the team on a daily basis. I’m curious to know what kind of following and feedback I’d get, if there’s anyone here who’d be interested to see it. Aside from Honesty Time, I’ve never blogged before, and I have no real experiences as a writer or journalist, so this could be an adventure of sorts. Of course, I’ll still have baseball/Yankee related posts on this blog occasionally, but I think for myself, I need another outlet to get my feelings and thoughts out there. Yankee diehards unite? Help a girl out?


One thought on “To Blog Or Not To Blog: Baseball Talk

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