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#giveit100 Challenge


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Bros!   I’m trying a new thing!  Sort of.  Have any of you hear of #giveit100?  It’s here if you’re interested.  Basically you practice something for 100 days and try to track your improvement.  I’m probably not going to post my videos on their website or anything but it’s pretty cool to see the different projects that other people are doing.  My favorite was the girl learning to unicycle, and the one learning to yodel. I considered a few different options, but ultimately I decided I want to get into the habit of practicing something that hopefully I will continue past 10o days.  So, I’ve decided that I will practice yoga for at least 30 minutes a day.  I’ve been taking classes at a studio and my gym on and off for the past year and a half (with some longer breaks).  It’s something that I really enjoy but haven’t practiced outside of a class very much.

I think this is going to be pretty challenging for me, I’m not really the kind of person with enough self discipline to make myself practice things outside of what is required.  I try to go to 3-4 yoga classes a week, but practicing on those other days will obviously be harder.  I like the idea of yoga because it can be pretty forgiving, on days where I’m just completely exhausted I can just do some stretching or more restorative poses.  Plus, it probably isn’t very safe for me to try difficult poses at home alone.  So anyway, this is something I’m going to try!  I can give you periodic updates if you’re interested.  Technically, I’m counting my start date on Monday, so I’m going to try to go until July 31!

Does this seem totally insane?  Does anyone else want to try it with me?  You could always practice something else, yodeling perhaps?!  I also considered relearning to play piano, except I don’t have a piano here, and trying to practice a new language!


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