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A Conversation Between Friends


Remember back in the days of Xanga, when we would just paste an AIM conversation verbatim into a post and expect people to read it/care? Well, that’s what I’m doing right now. Except…Gchat. Also, I just tried to find my old Xanga, and I was horrified to find that it is gone. Why would they take that away from us? My username was elephantpants! The world needs to know what 14 year old elephantpants thought about in 2004! What about all those amazing quizzes I filled out?! This is devastating.

Whew. So for my blog post today, I just copied and pasted (and slightly edited down) a piece of a conversation I had with Kaely and Rachel. I feel like it’s a really good representation of how we communicate in real life. We (including Amanda and Allyssa in this “we”) are very good at going from serious and insightful conversations to batshit crazy ones. So, you know. We talk like good friends do. Because we are that.

It’s sort of like the interviews I did with everyone last summer, but more of a natural conversation because I didn’t plan any questions in advance.


Lori: Kaely, I was just telling Rack that I’ve given up on my dreams. How’s your day?
Kaely: No don’t give up!
Lori: To be fair, I don’t really know what my dream is.
Rachel: Me either.
Kaely: I’m afraid that I might actually pay a ton of money for my dream and then end up hating it.
Lori: At least you are taking the risk.
Rachel: Ultimately my dream is to marry Derek Jeter, buttttttttt…some dreams can’t be achieved 😦
Kaely: That’s a good dream.
Lori: Don’t stop believing.
Rachel: Even if it turned out horrible, I’d pull through.
Kaely: Rough life.
Rachel: Could be (doubt it).
Kaely: I don’t know why but everything I write lately looks like its spelled wrong.
Rachel: Everything I write usually is spelled wrong.
Lori: Words are hard. Speaking of, Kaely, I still can’t decide what I want to do for my 100 day challenge.
Rachel: I should do the 100 days of happiness thing. I feel like I need it.
Kaely: Try to give someone a compliment every day for 100 days. Give yourself a compliment every day for 100 days!
Rachel: I think for me it would be more about stopping and realizing what actually makes me happy, in the moment, instead of living it and not realizing it, you know?
Kaely: 100 days of awareness. I also thought about doing 100 days of journaling. So maybe you could write down something that makes you happy every day.
Rachel: Yeah. I think in my mind it was like “la la la doing something…oh hey this actually makes me happy or I’m just happy and content right now.” That sort of thing.
Kaely: So do it!
Rachel: OK! I just hope i don’t forget.
Kaely: I’ll remind you.
Lori: I think it’s a good thing to do.
Kaely: I do too. I need to be reminded to be happy sometimes. That sounds much more depressing than I meant it to.
Rachel: I think most people need to be reminded too.
Kaely: I guess I mean more just to enjoy the moment and not let small happy things slip by because I’m stressed about something that already happened or might eventually happen.
Rachel: People rush too much through life and don’t stop to realize what’s going on around them and how it makes them feel. This is getting deep, guys.
Lori: I’m still considering trying to use the 100 day challenge to write a book but I don’t know what it would be about.
Kaely: What’s your target audience?
Lori: You guys?
Rachel: I’ll read whatever you write.
Kaely: Write about chocolate.
Lori: My challenge will be to write about chocolate every day.
Kaely: This is completely narcissistic, but I like to read books about people like me but, like, more interesting if that makes sense. I guess where the main character is someone that I can relate to.
Lori: Want me to base my main character on you?
Kaely: Can you just write my biography please?
Lori: OK.
Kaely: No, I don’t mean completely. I don’t know what I mean.
Lori: Write about your life, but better than your life?
Kaely: I mean when I think about books that I like to read they aren’t about, like, old men.
Lori: Is the antagonist an old man?
Kaely: Maybe.
Lori: Kaely vs. The Old Guy
Kaely: Sounds like a best seller to me. I just like to have enough in common with the characters so that it keeps my interest.
Lori: Your interests are puppies and chocolate. You don’t like old men. I think we have something here. No Kaely for Old Men?
Kaely: I think it needs to be set in the future though. And people need to fight each other. All of those books are being turned into movies.
Lori: Kaely, a normal girl in the year 3078, is the world’s last chance to defeat the evil old guy who has taken over as dictator of the universe. She is the only one that can find the magical chocolate bar. Together with her trusty sidekick/therapist/dog Tucker, they will go on the ultimate adventure.
Rachel: Are we going to have cameos in the movies?
Lori: Rack can play Tucker.
Rachel: Woohoo! Woof.
Lori: Can this conversation be my blog post? I’m laughing really hard right now.
Kaely: Sure.
Lori: I probably won’t write this book about your life, though.
Kaely: Okay, fine. Do you have any serious ideas?
Lori: Not really.
Kaely: I bet that’s the hardest part, coming up with a good idea.
Lori: Maybe. I’ve never gotten too much farther than that.
Kaely: I have no idea. I’ve never even considered writing anything longer than, like, 5 pages. Maybe you could come up with characters first and then decide what they’re going to do after?
Lori: Maybe. Creating well-rounded characters is hard too. I’m really lazy.
Kaely: I bet it is hard. I don’t think i have the self-discipline to write. Or the creativity.
Lori: Me neither.
Kaely: Yes, you do! Or at least you have the motivation to try. Want me to be your boss and give you deadlines?
Lori: Okay.

So, if you actually read this far, I hope you enjoyed taking a deeper look into our weirdo brains and friendship. And, please, if you have any good plot ideas for my 100 day book-writing challenge, throw ‘em at me.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

2 thoughts on “A Conversation Between Friends

  1. You know what you should write? Our future part 2.

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