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Being Happy

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Since this post is not entirely well thought out and I don’t have anything super interesting or witty to write about today, I thought I’d tell you that I’m going to try to really embrace this #100happydays challenge. Please tell me that’s the right hashtag. I can’t be happy if it’s not. Jk. But really, I’ve thought about it more and more since it first came up last week, and I’ve really tried to stop during the day and realize the moments that are making me happy. I’ve got a poor memory and I’m dumb enough to not actually record the moments as they were, so let’s try and recap since last Friday.

Day 1 (4/25): Happy hour which included wine, pizza, the best and only calamari I’ll ever eat, and the Yankees with my friend/partner-in-crime. The two hours at the restaurant we were at were fabulous. We also went out to a bar in Hoboken that we’re regulars at (she more than I, but still) and basically drank and danced and threw napkins and took pictures and had a ragin’ good time.

Day 2: Eating a real bagel in the car. New Jersey bagels are top notch so complete bliss. Later that night, going to see Galantis at night in New York City. I didn’t want their set to end it was just so good. And even though this should count as day 3 happiness since it occured around 3AM, getting a ham & cheese crepe to eat on the ride back to my friend’s apartment after a night out drinking is as amazing as it sounds. Best drunk food ever.

Day 3: I now know why people brunch. We went to brunch in Jersey City and for our entire meal, I had a smile on my face. I was just happy. Even better that I didn’t have a hangover. And after having a relaxing Sunday Funday night out, I realized I need more of them.

Day 4: I’m weird like this, but I’m extremely happy when all of my laundry is completed. And that’s what I did on Monday.

Day 5: Discovered some new music that I didn’t hate. Listening to it on repeat with smiles all day.

Day 6: Nothing makes me happier than having a heavy beat come on at the gym to give me energy and keep me going on the elliptical. Motivation is key.

Day 7: The weather was glorious and it seems like spring as finally decided to stick around this time. On my drive home from work, I had all the windows in my car rolled down and was belting “This Is How We Roll” by Florida Georgia Line (my favorite jam) at the top of my lungs. Literally. I looked like a crazy person but I absolutely love those moments when a great song comes on and you can sing as loud as you want.

Day 8: I imagine my moment of happiness for today will be when I’m sitting in Yankee Stadium tonight, so we’ll save that for later!



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