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The Struggle Is Real


For some time now, I have been struggling with minor hormonal acne.  I believe I started breaking out sometime in high school, which is pretty normal for most teens.  However, what is not normal is the fact that I am still struggling with my skin at age 24 and I am extremely tired of it.  Most days I don’t even want to leave my house without makeup, because I feel embarrassed.  I figured there must be some kind of solution, so I did some research.  I know if anyone else is like me, they like to research different methods and different forms.  Since I did research on acne location of the face, I knew mine was related to some kind of hormonal situation.  Hormonal acne is usually located on or around the jawline.  I also knew, having tried various options, that I have an extreme sensitivity to any kind of hormonal treatment, i.e. birth control.  That  being said, I figured I would try to go to the dermatologist.  Well, my recent visit to the dermatologist went horribly, and I’ll share why, but I also wanted to give those who are struggling as much help as I possibly can.

Let me first start with my derm visit before I get into the various products that I have used.  I needed a new derm.  I had gone to one previously that I just did not like, but I also wanted to see if there was a solution to my problems.  I went to this dermatologist after she was recommended by a few people that my mother works with in the hospital.  I walked in the office and was immediately unimpressed.  The waiting room was small and dingy/dirty looking and the receptionist was little to no help.  After trying to tell me that I did not have an appointment scheduled, which I had scheduled at least 2 weeks prior, she requested my copay after rectifying her mistake.  As I was starting to write the check, she cut me off and said “We do not accept checks here.  cash or credit only.”  This was strike 2 at this point.  I had a 6:00 appointment and waited about 25-30 mins.  Not terrible.  After I was called in, the nurse or assistant asked me a bunch of standard questions about my medical history and what not.  A short time after that, the dermatologist waked in and immediately sat down.  No introduction or anything.  She then quickly looked at my face and prescribed a pill.  After explaining my hormonal sensitivity, she looked at me and explained that it probably wasn’t a sensitivity or allergic reaction, but a dosage issue because men and women have different systems.  Last time I checked, woman are the only ones that get pregnant and therefore are the only ones that are prescribed birth control.  But, I guess being that I am the patient, I was wrong.  She prescribed me a pill and a gel and walked out.   I left the office feeling irritated and completely ignored by a medical professional.  After going to fill my prescription, I was even angrier.

I went to the pharmacy and found out that the gel she wanted to give me was $414! Oh and don’t worry it wasn’t covered and there was this whole process to get it approved.  Nobody at the office said a single word to me about this.  AT ALL.   Then, the prescribed pill she wanted me to take, that does not start working for at least 6 weeks,  was typically for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart failure, and cardiac arrest.  It was also used as some kind of hormonal treatment…which, as stated, makes me sick.  Disgusted as I was now?

Well, after all of this, I did more research.  I kept finding these blogs about the benefits of raw honey.  I figured I would give it a shot since I have tried everything from Neutrogena to Proactiv+.  I was constantly spending money on different products with little to no results.  Guess what. With the raw honey treatments, I have actually been seeing results.  I will keep everyone updated on the results, but so far I am extremely happy.  If you want to try this, you need to make sure you get RAW honey.  No it is not the same as Pure honey.  Raw honey is usually found in the organic section and it goes for around $10 a jar.  But after you get it you just dampen your hands and apply to your face.  Leave it on like a mask and Viola!  smooth fresh skin.  Let me know if you try it and how it works!!


Author: AmandaMarie

I am a 2011 graduate of Drew University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History with a minor in Art. I have taken wide-range of art courses, which include 2D design, 3D design, Drawing, Ceramic Sculpture, Photography (both black and white and digital), Computer Graphics, and printmaking (intaglio). I have had prior black and white photography experience from three years of classes in high school as well. I hope that this blog will be a way for me to showcase my work to various people and future clients.

2 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real

  1. I used to use honey a lot and it was a nice supplement to my acne treatments. My birth control does NOTHING to help my acne, which appears on my cheeks, chin and jaw. I used benzoyl peroxide/antibiotic type gel treatments now, and a gel for rosacea to get rid of the inflammation and redness. It works. But have you tried apple cider vinegar? Better than any of these treatments, when I feel a cyst or something coming on, I just swipe a cotton ball loaded with apple cider vinegar on my face and it works SO well, better than any toner ever. Try that too!

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