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Happy Blog-iversary!



Yay happy one year of blogging bros!  I’m so happy that we’ve kept up with this project (no matter how many times I tried not to post on my day), and I’m so thankful for the people who for whatever reason, stumble upon our weird little corner of the internet and find it interesting or amusing enough to stick around!

Needless to say, the past year has flown by, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.  I’m sorry I didn’t make us a cake or cookies or donuts, I’ll save that for when I won’t be the only one eating them alone in my apartment!

Since our first post was supposed to be a typical day for us at the time, I thought I would compare my first post from a year ago to what my days are typically like right now.

Very similarly to this time last year, we’re gearing up to move again, this time to New York (yayyy!!!).  So again, a lot of my free time is spent browsing apartments and real estate agents on the internet, and getting ready to start looking for someplace that we can stay longer than a year.  Also, this website.

I’m still working at this point, so that’s how I spend the majority of my day, sadly not hanging out with Tucker all the time.  Sometimes I still eat salads, though rarely outside in the sun, and rarely as colorful as that one from last year.

When I got home I still did a load of laundry, just like last year.

And I definitely have a pint of Swiss Vanilla Almond ice cream in the freezer.  It’s not a Klondike bar, but still- some things never change.

So anyway, I’m excited to be in this sort of transition again, but I’m even more excited to be heading to New York soon,closer to the rest of the bros, and for everything that the next year will bring- blogwise and otherwise!


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