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Guilty Pleasures

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Hey guys!  This is kind of a downer- but I feel like I’ve been in a pretty negative mood lately.  Work has been crazy, getting ready to move again is always hectic, trying to straighten things out for next year.  I feel like lately it’s just been one thing after another, and I feel like this sentiment is shared with a lot of the other 20-somethings I know trying to make the transition to “grown-ups”.  A co-worker wisely told me last week, (as I was whining about something silly) that we should all be grateful for the ups and downs because at least you are alive and experiencing something.  I know after what feels like a long series of bad weeks, something good must be right around the corner.  So I told myself today that I was going to blog about something that makes me happy, kind of in-line with Rachel’s happiness challenge.  I’m also trying to be more grateful for the little things that make me happy each day since we all know how easy it is to get hung up on the difficult parts.

I am lucky to work in an environment that doesn’t mind us playing music quietly at our desks, and let me tell you, it has gotten me through some rough days.  Over the past few weeks I have carefully curated a few stations to play mostly good songs, with a few bizarre ones that I look forward to the most, some of these songs come up no matter what station I listen to now.  I thought I would share some of the songs that I hope to hear every day and hope that they brighten up your days too!  What guilty pleasure songs or other things do you rely on for hard days?  Maybe you like to zone out in front of a few hours of the Kardashians or Say Yes to the Dress with a tray of cookies?  I’m not judging.  My other guilty pleasure is lots of candy.  Also, Ke$ha and Backstreet Boys do not count- you should never feel guilty for listening to them! And yes, I did just spell her name with the $ sign.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great rest of the day!  Friday is right around the corner! 🙂




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