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How Fun


So in two short days I will be on a plane to visit one of my friends in California!  I am so excited I don’t even know how to control myself.  I know I didn’t write much last week, but I fully plan to give you guys something awesome to read next week about my trip.  I will tell you about my week though.

As I mentioned last week, I have been pretty sick.  I wound up going to the hospital on the 7th and then my primary on the 9th.  I was prescribed Amoxicillin, Prednisone, nasal spray (which i didn’t use), 600mg of Ibuprofen, and lastly Percocet for what they thought was a sinus infection.  Then after all of that, I went to see the eye doctor who told me I had conjunctivitis so I needed eye drops!  Fun right? Not at all.  I finally finished all of the Amoxicillin and the prednisone, but I still had the headaches.  I went back to be reevaluated after waiting for 2 hours in the waiting room, only for him to say that I should see a neurologist, who could potentially tell me I could not fly.  Well, after being told I couldn’t be seen by my primary the first time, which is why I went to the ER, and after being told that the ENT I was referred to couldn’t see me until June 3rd, it came as no surprise to me that the neurologist couldn’t see me until after I get back.  Shocker.  Good thing I was able to get a follow up with the eye doctor.  All clear on that infection thank god!!!

Honestly though, why can I never seem to get an appointment.  It is incredibly frustrating to the point where I would rather just suffer.  I understand they are booked, but isn’t it your job to make sure patients that are referred or patients that are ill are seen ASAP?!  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just my luck?



Author: AmandaMarie

I am a 2011 graduate of Drew University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History with a minor in Art. I have taken wide-range of art courses, which include 2D design, 3D design, Drawing, Ceramic Sculpture, Photography (both black and white and digital), Computer Graphics, and printmaking (intaglio). I have had prior black and white photography experience from three years of classes in high school as well. I hope that this blog will be a way for me to showcase my work to various people and future clients.

2 thoughts on “How Fun

  1. Ahhh enjoy Cali and the new house and I’m sure the weather will be wonderful.
    I feel like that always happens to me with doctors. I’m like well by the time you see me, I’ll either be better or hospitalized sooo, great. Definitely not just you.

  2. I hope you have a great trip and are feeling better soon!!

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