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Documenting My Life



Here are all the bros on the night in question. God knows why some ridiculous committee decided that our 99 Nights should be a highlighter party – but that explains the t-shirts and glow-sticks.


Hi guys!  So the other day Lori and I were reminiscing about college (as we do most days because now we are old and boring).  Specifically, we were talking about 99 Nights.  For any of you who don’t know, every year at our college they throw a special party for the senior class that counts down 99 nights until graduation.  Exciting!  It’s something that I remember looking forward to since I first found out what it was and saw older friends celebrating it the years before.  So, as Lori and I were reminiscing, I realized that I don’t remember what happened most of that night – the night that I looked forward to for so many years.

Lori is an excellent record keeper through her journals, and of course, knows exactly what she did on the rest of the night in question.  Although my life is significantly less interesting and worth of documentation these days (no one wants to see 100 instagrams of me watching Chopped in my pajamas,) I’ve decided to try to keep track of my days a little more carefully, or at least the interesting ones.  With the help of the “Timehop” app, I hope that in a year, or two, or three from now, I will no longer be left wondering about certain missing time chunks of my life that were supposed to be memorable.

This app is dependent on me documenting my activity through social media and while I’m not the most active social media user by any means, I’m going to make more of an effort to document things that I hope I will remember in future years.   For anyone who isn’t familiar, basically Timehop will track your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (and whatever else you allow it to access) on any particular day and in the future will remind you of what happened on that day every year up to three years ago.

Does anyone else use Timehop, keep a journal, or otherwise document exciting things that happen to them?  More importantly, does anyone remember what I did after we left the pub on 99 Nights??!


2 thoughts on “Documenting My Life

  1. I was surprised that my journal didn’t answer the question of what you did after the Pub on 99 Nights. Apparently there were parties I went to in college that you didn’t attend with me. Who knew?

    I’m glad my obsessive need to document everything has inspired you.

  2. I always think I should start a journal, but I’m too lazy. Documenting my clothes every day is hard enough.

    Also I have no idea what happened on 99 nights. I remember this picture, some light up rings, people complaining about the wine coolers, and then going to my room really early.

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