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Home is where…something is?



If home is where your stuff is, maybe I lived in a pick up truck for a few days? As long as Tucker is there it will be home!

Woohoo!  Double dose of Honesty Time for you today!  Good thing I was procrastinating, as usual, and am not getting my post up until late.  Anyway, welcome back to all of the bros, I’m so glad everyone had a nice unofficial start to summer and went on various adventures, you can read about some of them here and here.

As you may have already gathered, it was my pleasure to host 3/5 of the Honesty Time authors on an un-official Honesty Time retreat to where I grew up in Vermont.  We had lots of adventures in the woods, with my family dog, eating ice cream, and singing in the car.

All of this traveling back and forth between my “homes” has gotten me thinking though.  Anytime I plan a trip to Vermont, I always refer to it as, “going home”.  While I was born in New Hampshire, I have lived in one part of VT or another since I was 5 years old, even in college I returned every vacation and every summer, I even spent most of last year living there again.  Vermont will always be the place that I was raised and will be some sort of home to me.  I’ve started noticing though, when I’m there and the trip is coming to and end, I begin to refer to going “home” to Philadelphia.  Every time I return to VT something in my house is different, maybe it’s having to scour the kitchen for extra dishwasher liquid and to find the serving utensils did not feel very homey, or maybe my parent’s have re-decorated my childhood room.  As my parents consider the possibility of moving houses – still in VT,  I wonder, will another house other than the one where I grew up ever feel like home?  Will any house in the state of Vermont always feel homey to me?  We’ve been in Philly for about a year now, and although it’s small and our time here is limited, this apartment feels like home too, this is where all of the stuff that I use on a daily basis is, this is where I eat, and sleep, and relax.  Especially as we’re gearing up to move again, I wonder, how long will it be before I feel at home in another apartment?

I guess the question that I’m asking is, what aspects of a place evoke a feeling of being home to you?  Is it a comfort level? Is that something that you feel in your heart?  Is the the convenience of having all of your things with you and knowing exactly where they all are?  For those of you who have spent an extended amount of time in a place other than your home, at what point does the new place feel like home?  Is it a shift that you realize, or something that you all of a sudden realize – I’m home?  Can you have more than one?


2 thoughts on “Home is where…something is?

  1. home is where your bros are.

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