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Hiking Adventures

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Since we’re still on the subject of our Memorial Day weekend activities, I’ll share my thoughts on our hiking adventures. I’ve been wanting to go hiking a lot more within the past year. It’s a great way to exercise and be outside, away from machines and not having to be all cooped up in a gym. When you’re hiking, you’re doing more than just cardio; it’s a full body workout. And the best part is what it takes mentally. You can’t just stop because you’re tired like you could on a treadmill. However far you go, you have to go the same distance back. It pushes you to do more than what you think you can do and takes you out of your comfort zone of a gym. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed our hike while we were in Vermont this past weekend. It took just over an hour to get to a particular waterfall at the end of the trail and just under an hour our way back. I was exhausted afterwards and only felt the soreness as soon as I sat down in the car. I guess the other reason why I liked it so much was because six months ago I was going into an operating room and feeling really down about being hurt. That being said, here’s some pictures from the hike.

Now I really want to take the time to see what kind of trails are in my area of New Jersey and take it upon myself to go hiking some more this year!




One thought on “Hiking Adventures

  1. I want to come hiking! I wish I had taken advantage of it more when I was living in vt.

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