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I’ll be honest – this post is about alcohol.




Woooohoooo!!  Summer is here!  Today was actually hot – almost 90 degrees!  There are many things that I’m excited about this summer like: moving, family vacations, the beach, bike rides, swimming, more hiking, and last but not least – day drinking.  I’m not really sure why but day drinking seems like a much more appropriate activity for the warmer months, probably because of things like the beach, picnics, and weddings.  So, in the spirit of how the term “Honesty Time” came to be, I’m going to tell you about my three favorite summer drinks and share a few recipes.

In the past 3 years, I like to think our day drinking standards have come a long way, we’re no longer drinking out of plastic jugs filled with rum, fruit juice, and crystal light packets (does anyone remember exactly what we used to put in those?)  We might still drink just as much – but not really because, tolerance.  But I like to think our taste has matured justtttt a little bitttttt.  It’s always like to have a few choices that I can go to for a wedding, sitting out by the pool, or just hanging out with my bros.

Gin and Tonic

This is my go-to for weddings and other summer events –  I have yet to have a bad time drinking gin and tonics and will continue to do so until I have an experience to the contrary.  Here are a few recipes to get you thorough the summer.  I usually add lime to mine, but I have also heard of grapefruit and am looking forward to experimenting with different citrus combinations this summer!


I especially like red wine sangria, because I find it to be more flavorful, but white wine sangria can be really refreshing and I think that the fruit that you add to it can kind of make or break it.  I like the idea of using peaches or other seasonal fruit that make it really juicy.

Pimms & Lemonade

No Honesty Time post about alcohol would be complete without Pimms & Lemonade.  Lori and I first discovered this magical combination while studying abroad in London and it has remained an Honesty Time favorite ever since.  I like to add strawberries, mint, lemon, lime, orange, and raspberries to mine, but I’m pretty sure you can throw in whatever fruit you have around.  The best part is eating the fruit after the drink is gone.  But be careful – lemonade in the UK is not the same lemonade that you get here in the US.  Although I’m sure regular American lemonade would taste great too, it’s nice to have something with some carbonation.  I’ve been using the Polar Orange Dry drink with pretty good results but you could also try lemon-lime soda lemon/lime seltzer.  Here are some other recipes – I would love to try the elderflower flavor!



3 thoughts on “I’ll be honest – this post is about alcohol.

  1. We should break out those bottles, for old times sake! We did put a lot of effort into making them…

  2. Im pretty sure I still have mine somewhere, or we could always go to 5 below and make new ones.

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