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More baseball talk?

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Welllll I’m terrible. Why? Because I’m posting about baseball. Oops. It will be brief, I promise. I have yet to start my baseball-only blog as I’ve been a bad fan and not watched most games in their entirety lately. Some of this is probably due to watching the New York Rangers kick butt and make it to the Stanley Cup Final (I’ve become a Rangers and hockey fan the past few months, which probably isn’t so bad considering I want a career in sports). Since I last wrote about the Yankees, a lot has happened with them. Let’s discuss (yes, briefly).


-River Ave just outside Yankee Stadium was renamed Rivera Ave (Marianoooooo!) and Mo himself was onhand to unveil the street sign that bears his name. Because, he’s the greatest, and he deserves to have everything named after him.

-The Yankees lost 60% of their starting rotation that they began with at the end of spring training. Injury, injury, suspension, injury…who ever would have thought. Thank god for #TANAK. Lord help us if something happens to him.

-Power outage. No, the stadium lights didn’t stop working. Where the hell did the hitting go? Why can no one hit on this team? It was supposed to be a home run crazy team.

-Dellin Betances is a monster. A 6’8 bullet throwing monster. No way in hell would I want to be a batter facing him. People who have been around say he reminds them of some closer who just recently retired when he first came to the bigs………

-Derek Jeter’s retirement tour hit the national league parks that he’s rarely ever played in, so that’s awkward for those teams to give him some clever gift, right? A little bit. I did like the subway tile from the Mets though. That of all makes sense.

-Old Timer’s Day and the All Star Game are approaching! Fingers crossed I get to OTD again this year. Such a fun day. And my love Derek is leading the ASG votes for shortstop. All of you go out and vote for all the Yankees dammit!


Sorry this post isn’t really intriguing and falls back on an old topic when I don’t know what to write about for the week. My life boring so what else am I do besides talk baseball? I should do more things. Thank goodness it’s summer! More time for more things! Or…baseball….


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