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Binge Watching


This post is basically the opposite of Kaely’s.

Last night I finished watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Yes, it came out less than a week ago. I realize that that’s kind of pathetic, but let’s agree to look past that. I told Kaely and Rachel that my post today was going to be titled “My Feelings on Orange is the New Black” and the content would just be “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Because that is exactly how I feel about it. But I also realize that most normal humans have not finished watching it yet so I’m not going to talk about it any further. I’m a good person.

The only OITNB break I took this week was to watch a horrible made for TV movie of a James Patterson book I sort of liked.

The only OITNB break I took this week was to watch a horrible made for TV movie of a James Patterson book I sort of liked.

What I do want to talk about is binge watching. As we know, I recently binge watched the new Doctor Who. Oh, yeah, I finished that a couple weeks ago. I watched 7 seasons in about 3 months. Guys, I have a problem. But the first step is acceptance so, again, let’s not dwell on it.

The thing now is that most of the shows I watch in real time (SurvivorParks and RecreationOnce Upon a Time) are all over for the summer (and Game of Thrones will be after this weekend). And now that I’m done with Doctor Who and Orange is the New Black, I don’t know what to watch next. (Don’t tell me to pick up a book – I read three of those last weekend. I think we know by now that I have a lot of free time. Or maybe I’m just efficient. Let’s go with the latter.)

My question for the world is what are you watching right now? I have Netflix, but no Hulu+ or anything else, so keep that in mind. My tastes are all over the place, as you can see from the shows I listed above, so I’m open to anything. I need some recommendations, people! I tried to watch Torchwood after I finished Doctor Who, but as much as I love Jack Harkness, I wasn’t able to get into his spinoff right away. Kaely said I should go back and try to watch Weeds again since it’s the same creator as OITNB. Maybe I’ll try that, but I probably need something a little more comedic right now.

I think when I set out to write this post, I thought I would have more to say, but I don’t. Sorry this is short. For what it’s worth, I had another idea entirely for today that morphed into something much bigger (that will come to fruition soon enough), so this is the best I could do on short notice. Also, it just took me more than two hours to get home from work, so my brain isn’t exactly working.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

5 thoughts on “Binge Watching

  1. An Idiot Abroad! You’ve probably seen it before, where Ricky Gervais and some other guy send their poor friend named Karl to see the 7 wonders of the world, and he hates every second of it?

    It’s really funny, my favorite episode is when he goes to see the Great Wall of China and learns Kung Fu and gets a traditional massage with flaming towels. I’m going to go watch it right now!

    Buzzfeed even turned some of the things he says into “motivational posters”. I could probably write an entire post just about this show. http://www.buzzfeed.com/kimberleydadds/if-karl-pilkingtons-quotes-were-motivational-posters

    • You know, I’ve never watched it, but I always meant to. I kind of forgot about it. Good one! I’ll definitely do that next.

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