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Sometimes I feel kind of silly posting recipes, anyone with the internet can goole how to make muffins or cookies or what have you.  I guess the point is more to inspire people to try something that they have never had before, or remind them of how much they need to eat Nutella, like, right-this-second.  Or in this case, to warn you against trying something that looks and seems like it would be delicious, but is in-fact, gross.

The story of this recipe actually begins about 2 months ago. I’ve gotten into a routine of every Saturday morning for the past few weeks of, waking up, having coffee, going to yoga at 10am, and then coming home and making avocado toast.  It’s my favorite thing, toasted whole wheat bread, mashed up avocado, a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and chili flake, and some feta cheese.  Amazing.  Perfect.  Wouldn’t change a thing.

For about 2 months this is going great, I look forward to Saturday morning all week, mostly for the breakfast.  Except this past Saturday, I come home from yoga and, low and behold, no bread.  Oh no.  Problem.  Ok, deep breath, it’s fine, I’m still all zen-ed out from yoga.  Nothing will ruin my good mood, it’s still Saturday after all.  Let’s improvise.  I begin to remember seeing some delicious avocado/egg combination floating around Pinterest that I’d never tried.

A quick google leads me to this recipe, seems simple enough, right?  Yes, it is, it’s very simple, and only takes about 15 minutes.  Independently, I love all of these ingredients- I like eggs, and I love avocado and cheese.  Sadly, this combination- was gross.  It probably doesn’t help that I overcooked mine slightly, perhaps a runnier yoke would have improved upon this creation.  Basically what I ended up with was a hard boiled egg inside of a hot avocado.  I also topped mine with a slice of mozzarella cheese, which in hind sight, was a bit too rubbery and probably the wrong cheese choice.  (As if there is ever a wrong cheese choice?  Any cheese is always the right choice.)  As much as I love avocados, I now realize that they are meant to be enjoyed at least at room temperature, if not colder.

So here are some more pictures of this culinary mis-adventure incase anyone wants to give it a go themselves, but, consider yourself warned.  I will be returning to my trusty, cold avocado on toast from now on.





One thought on “Recipe Review

  1. What a lovely bake!!
    Try Spinach-Cheese Lasagna

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