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Summer Storms

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So, I’ll be honest- most of the day today I was preparing to write a post about all of the places I would rather be than here in this humidity. For example, Alaska, Antarctica, inside a refrigerator, underneath a glacier, back in a polar vortex, you get the picture. Basically, anywhere except here in hot, sticky, muggy Philadelphia. That is until I walked out of the gym just now and was reminded of one of my favorite things about summer. Thunderstorms. It has been so humid for the past two days, this storm has been inevitable. While I was walking home, the rain was beginning to fall, just a few big drops at a time as the sky shifted from a hazy pink and yellow sunset to darker and darker gray. Not night time gray, but thunderstorm gray. The thunder rumbling was constant and the lightening was flashing but too far off to make any noise. Am I doing a good job painting this picture for you? As the humidity solidified into rain and I could feel the temperature dropping around me. As I sit here now, only 10 minutes later, the thunder is getting louder and the sky has gone black, except for the more frequent flashes of lightening. The wind is rustling the trees around and I know that any minute the rain will fall very hard. The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms through 4am, and while I wish I could be sitting on my parents screened in porch watching the storm over the mountains, I guess it will be ok too, sitting on my bed and watching the storm over the neighboring houses and listening to the thunder and rain as I fall asleep later. And most importantly, waking up to a cooler day, although that’s not actually in the forecast either.

Anyway, I guess summer is ok again, even though I think storms are better to watch in the country or at the beach. I know it’s already July but, what are you looking forward to this summer?


Thunderstorm photo from earth sky.org


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