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Disney Jams

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I’m trying to figure out what jams I want to rock out to today, and for some reason the only “jams” I can think of are actually Disney songs.

I’ll rock out anyway.

Here are some of my favorite Disney songs of all time.

Please keep in mind that this list is considerably edited because at a certain point, I just started listing every song from every movie. Oops. It’s also in no particular order.

Tarzan – Strangers like Me. PHIL COLLINS THANK YOU. I don’t know what else to say, you know? Phil Collins is enough.

Mulan – I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Going on an adventure? Driving to get Froyo? Trying to complete your unnecessary hours of food manager certification homework? Need a song along worthy of bros around the world? Need house music for your theatre? This song fits all of the bills. I love this song so much, and my students know it. They knowit so well that whenever I tell them “Ok, we have to finish this project – let’s get down to business” they automatically answer “to defeat the huns.” Presh.


Frozen – Let It Go Sorry not sorry. I love Idina Menzel. I haven’t even seen Frozen yet (I know I know I know). Idina Menzel is perfection. Her belt is at champion diva level. I bet even if she sings lullabies to her son at night, it’s done in a belt. She is perfect. This song is also really soothing to yell out in the car when you’re stuck in traffic because your morning commute is the worst.

Hercules – I Can Go The Distance Hercules has one of the best Disney soundtracks, in my opinion. In making my final list, I struggled to pick just one. I decided to go with this one because it’s inspiration and all and you know, being a 20-something I need all of that nonsense in in my life.

Tangled – I See The Light MANDY MOOOOOOOORE. That is all. (Also I only picked this song because I love those lanterns)

The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World Classic. Every little girl sings this song. We all love it. It makes so much sense. I feel you, Ariel. Of course, if this was the Broadway Disney Song list, you know my answer would be different .

The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween One of my favorite movies of all time. The opening spells it all out. As well, this movie is perfect for both Halloween and Christmas, which gives the song double points. In my mind. On my own weird score scale.

The Lion King – Just Can’t Wait to be King I went with this song because it’s the most fun to sing along to from the movie, in my opinion. Harmonies and words that I can actually say (pink pajamas penguin on the bottom doesn’t count in “Circle of Life”) make this a winner. And it’s just fun.

Beauty and the Beast – Be Our Guest Spectacle plus fun plus food = win

Aladdin – Friend Like Me Another movie that I had trouble picking only one song from. It was between this and “One Jump Ahead” which is always stuck in my head, but I just think that Genie is fantastic and Friend Like Me is just more fun.

The Princess and the Frog – Almost There Sometimes I forget about this movie, but then I remember it and I love the jazz inspired tunes. Also, again, 20-something totally identifying with being ‘almost there.’

The Aristocats – Everybody Wants to Be a Cat Because it’s just true, ok? Ok.

Cinderella – The Work Song I love Cinderella so much, plain and simple. The story was one of my first favorites. I also used to sing this song to myself when I cleaned my apartment or dorm. Seriously.

Pocahontas – Colors of the Wind You tell him, girl.

Enchanted – Ever Ever After Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, you just can’t go wrong. Also, if I ever get married, this song will be playing. JUDGE ME.

Mary Poppins – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious So, why wasn’t Julie Andrews my babysitter when I was growing up? Still bitter. I couldn’t choose between this and “Spoon Full of Sugar” until I realized that Microsoft Word actually recognizes Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which makes it an automatic winner.


Obviously this list can go on and on, and now I’m going to listen to Disney music the rest of the night. Do you have any favorite Disney songs? “All of them” is an acceptable answer. 


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

One thought on “Disney Jams

  1. I’m listening to these right now! I’ve had “Ill Make a Man Out of You” stuck in my head since Monday when you posted this!

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