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So I am finally feeling better!  I was such a mess the passed couple of weeks.  I won’t go into details, but I finished the last of my medication on Monday and it seems as though the worst is finally over.  I can’t wait to start enjoying the warm weather and going out!  Speaking of warm summer weather, nothing says summer more than ice cream and milkshakes.  When I was sick, I was on a soft food/liquid diet for a couple of days.  Let me tell you, milkshakes were what got me through those days.  Milkshakes were pretty much my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I wanted to try a few different ones so here are my top 5 favorite milkshakes that I have had.

5. Black and Whites

Of course you can never go wrong with classic chocolate.  It is a safe go to that is rarely disappointing.  However, that being said, black and white milkshakes are even better!  I am not a huge vanilla fan because I think it is too plain and sometimes chocolate is too overwhelming, but when you mix the two together…you are setting yourself up for what is as close to drinkable perfection as you can possibly get.

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter.

This was actually one of my go to’s when I was sick.  The peanut butter provided me with at least a little bit of protein so I would stay full even it was for only 5 minutes longer.  I know I said chocolate and vanilla perfection, but I mean come on.  Who does not like chocolate and peanut butter together.  It is that salty/sweet combo that satisfies all cravings in one shot!

3. Java (Any coffee type)

I love coffee.  In fact, I need coffee to start my day.  When I was sick, I could not eat or drink anything hot because my throat was so swollen and irritated.  What better way to start your day than with a coffee flavored milkshake?  Yeah, that is right, there is no better way.

2. Oreo

Do I really need to say more?  I did not think so.  This is actually my favorite kind of milkshake.  I usually don’t eat Oreos by themselves because I know I cannot control myself with them, but summer time is the perfect excuse to inhale the milkshake form of them!

1. Oreo Cake Batter

Just when you thought Oreo milkshakes could not possibly get any better, it just did.  I got this after seeing this for the first time.  I figured how could this possibly be bad.  Well it was possibly the best milkshake I had gotten.  It had me wishing I got the biggest size possible.  I wanted more…I still want that milkshake.  If anybody lives near a Baskin Robbins go try this milkshake! I promise you will not be disappointed.  How could you possibly be disappointed with an Oreo cake batter milkshake?


Author: AmandaMarie

I am a 2011 graduate of Drew University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History with a minor in Art. I have taken wide-range of art courses, which include 2D design, 3D design, Drawing, Ceramic Sculpture, Photography (both black and white and digital), Computer Graphics, and printmaking (intaglio). I have had prior black and white photography experience from three years of classes in high school as well. I hope that this blog will be a way for me to showcase my work to various people and future clients.

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