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I’ve decided that since 2014 has reached its halfway point (flying by, I know), I decided to take a look at my New Years Resolutions. I know that I’m not doing as good a job at them as I wanted to. Does anyone really? I’ve never been good at keeping them, and I realized it when I found myself recently saying how I want to change something and then remembered I had made that one of my resolutions. Great job, Rachel. Excellent. So let’s see how much I’m failing.


1. Get a job

Well, I still don’t have a full time job doing something in the field that I want. I’m still at my part time job, and my boss wants to make me full time in the coming weeks. It is a little complicated and different in this situation, but I’ve got nothing else to do. I’m not entirely happy here, but I’m also not hearing back from anywhere that I apply, and there are many. It’s really frustrating, but I, like anyone else out there, need the money, and I figure it will be something more to put on my resume. Still, if anyone wants to hire me….

2. Save money

Eh, I haven’t quite saved as much as I wanted…although, I haven’t been working as much so hopefully when I start being “full time” I’ll be able to set aside more for saving long term.

3. Move out of my parents’ house

Still here! And paying some rent, just because I should be. They buy food and pay for all the things that go into a house that I use, so what’s a bit of money from me? Would be nice if I could save that money and put it towards a future apartment or something, but it unfortunately doesn’t look like that will pan out any time soon. I haven’t moved out, but I try to be out of the house as much as I can.

4. Get fit

Well, this is taking some time. Not that I expected it to just magically happen. I am indeed back to running, though I do still feel some aches and pains when working out. I haven’t pushed myself too much because I am a little bit afraid still to hurt myself. But I’m doing cardio at the gym and going to a few local parks to run which feels good for a while but still exhausting…I’ve never exactly enjoyed running a ton. Probably why I took up horseback riding and not soccer….I’m hoping to start doing more strength training on my own soon, because I think that will start to get me on the right track. Even though I’m getting more and more active, I still feel like a blob.

5. Eat healthy

This is the worst. At the beginning of every week, I tell myself “okay this week I’m going to start eating healthy, for real this time, for all of my meals.” Yeah, not so much. Also a part of still living at home I guess. I eat what’s provided. And I feel like a blob. I’m no chef, nor do I feel any kind of inspiration to try to cook something decent for myself. I really need to change that. I see things that look good, but, lazy. I’m pathetic.

6. Have fun

I think I’ve been able to do this pretty well so far this year. After getting back out in the real world, I wanted to take advantage of doing things because I was on a couch for a month. I knew for early parts of the year that going out with my friends would cause me to be physically uncomfortable after time and I would certainly pay for it after the fact. But I’m glad I went out and did those things. I was pretty terrible at keeping up with my 100 happy days (oops) but I think I’ve still been able to recognize what’s enjoyable for me in life. This year has certainly been an improvement, and while it’s had it’s not so great moments, it’s been going well and I’m sure that it will continue to.


If you’ve forgotton about your new years resolutions or haven’t kept up with them like me, I think you should revisit them. It’s not too late! We make these resolutions because we want to change and improve our lives. Time to do it!


Be Honest!

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