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Adventures In WWOOF-ing

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So as you may have noticed, here at Honesty Time we all have super important jobs with huge responsibilities, and definitely DO NOT spend hours a day g-chatting with each other, I won’t mention any specific names. (If our bosses are reading this, I swear, we do our work too.)

Lately it seems that we’ve been feeling a bit wanderlust-y and have been talking frequently about the cheapest way to see another part of the world.   The question that we’ve been asking ourselves is, how do we get someone else to pay our expenses so we can just go on adventures?  Win the lottery?  Find wealthy husbands?  Turn Honesty Time into a for-profit travel blog?  How?  Enter WWOOF-ing.

For any of you who are unfamiliar, WWOOF is an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  Basically the way it works is, there are participating countries that each have their own website that will link people with farmers who are practicing organic and sustainable farming methods, and you can go and learn and work on the farm for a pre-determined amount of time.  You do have to pay for your own travel expenses to the site, but once you’re there, it’s basically free room and board for a 4-6 hours of work a day.

I fully realize that we talk a big game here at Honesty Time about all of the adventures that we’d like to have and all of the challenges that we’re doing, or I do at least.  This one I would really like to explore.  My top choices would be Costa Rica, South Africa, or Thailand.  Would you ever try something like this?  Where would you want to go?  I think it would be a great way to travel,  learn something new, and also give back to the community that you are traveling in; but I also fully understand sometimes when you just want your vacation to be relaxing.  Ideally I would like to take a week either during winter break or next summer to do something like this.  So, I’ll keep you posted if it looks like this could actually come together!


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