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Tropical Nails for a Hot Week

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I officially love my job. Facebook friends and Twitter followers have all seen my various camper quotes and anecdotes from camp. It’s always a good time at camp.

I also love that I can wear whatever I want (I mean, with my staff shirt, that is), and I can look however I want. I can paint my nails fun colors and I’m going to dye my hair again soon. I can wear fun makeup if I have the time. I love it.

Inspired by how crazy hot it’s been outside at camp in the Jerz humidity, I went a little tropical on my nails this week. I’ve been getting so many compliments from the kids and random people out and about that I decided to share what I did.

Colors used:

  • Sally Hansen Lemon Shark
  • Loreal Mango Mamma
  • OPI Jinx

I put OPI Jinx on my ring finger because #trends and because I really wanted to use this color but didn’t feel like having an entire hand full of hard-to-remove glitter.

I did a base coat of Lemon Shark on the rest of my fingers. It took 3 good coats, because yellow polishes are finicky and annoying, but it was worth it.

photo 1-3

Then I took a makeup sponge and used it to dab on light, sheer layers of Mango Mamma, which was already a sheer “jelly” polish to begin with.

photo 3-3

It was THAT simple! Gotta love my sloppy manicure pictures. I have a terrible habit of NOT cleaning my edges/cuticles and then taking a picture of my nails pretending they look hawt.

No, nope. I would take a picture of them now but they have some crazy tip wear because I play so many games of mancala every day, like a champ.


Jealous? I bet you are. #Mancala


I’m seriously so tired, and I think that’s where the hashtags are coming from. I’m sorry.


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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