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Camp Quotes Part 1

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On Wednesday, we hit our “halfway” point with camp, and we are now officially on week 6 out of 9. Woohoo!

Today, I was laughing so hard all day about something that a camper said, so I decided that in honor of the halfway point of camp, I would share a few of the outstanding quotes from the kiddos so far this summer.

I will certainly share many more at the end of the summer, but here’s a little taste of my life as one of the directors of a camp full of big personalities.

  • “I have a kinky sore, wanna see?” Said a 5th grade boy to me. And in my head I’m freaking out like “What the hell, ew no?!?!” And he continues to explain that the sore is in his mouth, on the back of his tongue. And I’m like “OOOh a canker sore.” “Are you sure you don’t want to see?” No, child, I still really don’t want to see.
  • “Somebody stepped on the taterpiller!” – 4 year old.
  • (Wednesday is costume day) “I’m gonna be a TOWBOY!!!!” – Same 4 year old.
  • “Get it, Bilbo Baggins!” – a 6th grade girl to a 5th grade boy during a rather intense foosball match.
  • Playing mancala with a girl, and every time I make I bad move I go “Oh darn! Rats!” and when she messes up she says “Oh cheese niblets!” But I actually imagine that it’s spelled “Cheeze nibletz.”
  • “If you don’t try to make friends, you’ll never have friends.” Extremely wise words from a 5 year old today while climbing on the playground. We think deep here.
  • We have electronic drums that the kids play with daily. They’re plugged into headphones so we don’t have to listen to the drums, thankfully. A little girl and a little boy (both 5 or so) were playing with the drums and all of a sudden, the little girl, totally unaware of what she was saying, started yelling out “More cowbell!”

I died.

(for the unenlightened)


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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