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So, I went golfing for the first time ever.

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Hi guys! I know that I promised vacation pictures this week but I’ve run into some technical difficulties involving a new phone, a laptop in another state, and “the cloud”. I’m also at my parents house in Vermont, aka black hole of technology, so please bear with me for one more week!

Anyway, last Christmas my sister and I bought my dad a custom driver for his golf clubs, about two weeks ago he finally went around to be fitted and ended up buying a whole new set of clubs. He golfs quite a lot in the summer so for him it’s worth it. Obviously, when they arrived this past Monday , he had to get out and test then right away and my mom and I went along for the ride. I’ve played mini golf my fair share of times and have been to a few driving ranges but this was the first time I’ve ever played on an actual golf course so please enjoy the following pictures as a ridiculous documentation of my efforts.





As you can tell, I’m a natural. No, just kidding, I’m not at all. I’m very sore today and I was not good at all. All things considered though it was fun and I would definitely give it another try. Have you ever been actual golfing? What other summer adventures has everyone been up to?


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