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Road Trips

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Last weekend I went to a wedding in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. The town was actually about 40ish minutes east of Pittsburgh, but literally, there was absolutely nothing there. It was a long drive to get to this little one horse town. I left my house around 8:45 in the morning to pick up a friend who lives about 30 minutes from me. From there, we headed to Philadelphia to pick up two more people, which took just over an hour. At this point, my poor little car is stuffed to the gills. Good little car. By the time we hit the road, it was after 11 AM. Naturally, there was traffic leaving Philly after rush hour, because why not? Loves it. Being the smarty pants that I am, I suggested we get lunch for the ride, so a quick 15 minute pit stop at Wawa right outside the city was just the ticket. And then, finally back on the road. Surprisingly, driving through Pennsylvania our first several hours wasn’t awful. The weather was great, the scenery wasn’t actually too bad, and we had some good jam sessions. The ride was going quickly, but being the driver, I could really start to feel the physical toll a road trip takes on you. And with the way my body has cooperated with me the past year, you can imagine the discomfort I was in. I had clocked our trip to be exactly four hours from Philly, and we were making good time, but three hours in and one more to go, a pit stop was needed. It never felt so good to get out of the car and stand. Of course, I forced myself back into the driver’s seat knowing we had only one hour left and it went quickly…we got there around 3:30. Overall, I spent almost six hours in the car driving.

The way back home, I toughed it out and drove straight to Philly when we left. No pit stops, no nothing. And my copilots were all asleep. No help at all. I just wanted to take a nap too but somehow managed to stay awake. Thank goodness we had a smooth ride into the city and within an hour and a half I dropped my last friend off and got home, all after six hours spent driving. I was ready for bed. My body was shot. My back has been killing me all week. Dancing like crazy in heels at the wedding, plus sitting in an office chair all week have definitely, definitely not helped. I’m finally now feeling a little bit back to normal. But it’s made me start to wonder…I’ve always wanted to take a real road trip, but now I’m wondering if it’s worth it. If you have good company and don’t mind the time in the car with nothing going on, sure I suppose it is. But I’ve come to realize I’m the type of person who after a few hours wants out of the car. I’m not sure how I’d do on a trip longer than what I did in one day or multiple days at a time. I suppose with the right planning and all, I might be up for it…but maybe I should wait a bit longer until my back stops putting up a fight with me! Has anyone else been on a road trip worth noting? And any recommendations on helping out a driver with a bad back are much appreciated!


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