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Reflections on Moving

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Hi everyone!  I completely apologize for my lack of post last week.  It was our moving day and I was fully expecting everything to go much smoother than it actually did, so I didn’t prepare anything in advance.  In a few pictures, here is how moving day(s) went:







If I have learned one thing about myself in the past three years, it’s that I’m not good at moving, every moving day for the past 3 years has ended with me in tears, either feeling homesick, stressed out, or in physical pain – last year I had a window fall on my head in the middle of the night, this time I stuck my finger through a broken wine glass while looking for a clean change of clothes.  These pictures do not show me driving around the block for myself forever looking for a parking spot near our building, or the keys not fitting the lock and having to wait for the locksmith to come and replace all of the locks before we could get into the apartment, the movers not finishing unpacking the truck until almost 9pm, or my terrible wine glass experience.  Needless to say, my laptop (and patience) were nowhere to be found at that point.

I’ve come up with a list of things that I’d like to keep in mind next time I’m moving (never):

1) Pack a bag like you’re going away for a night, toothbrush, pajamas, change of clothes so at least you can put on clean clothes and sleep properly and deal with the unpacking the next day.

2) Along the same lines, keep you sheets handy so you can make the bed and sleep restfully on the first night.

3) Bring a shower curtain with you – we knew that we wanted to replace ours from Philly so we didn’t do this,  but we couldn’t shower in the apartment until we went out and bought a new one the next day.

4) Unpack one room at a time.  We tried to keep our boxes pretty room specific as we were moving, so once the boxes were all in the proper rooms, we worked on unpacking one room at a time until finally all of the boxes were empty.  Even though our apartment is small, it made me feel a lot more organized about the unpacking process.

5) Hire movers if you can, even though it was a little stressful having to wait for movers and hope that they had not forgotten or lost a box along the way, it was incredibly helpful having them move our large furniture items and reassemble them at our new apartment.  I’m sure that we wouldn’t have been able to do this by ourselves in just one day.

So those are my expert moving tips from the past 3 years of moving around, I can’t wait to show you some pictures of the new place.  We’re still thinking of replacing a few furniture pieces that don’t work as well here, but I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s final!



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