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Sports Sports Sports!


As the summer is winding down, you can almost feel a change in the air this time of year. You wanna know what I’m thinking about? Sports. Ahh sports. We’ve got just over one month of regular season baseball left (crying), football is just about to dive into it’s regular season, and before we know it hockey and basketball will be getting going. So, what’s a girl to do? Naturally, I’m devoted to my Yankees until the season is over, and at this rate the road to the postseason is going to be bumpier than ever. Fingers crossed that we go all the way. If not, then we’ve got football. Living under the same roof as my dad, don’t even doubt that a single football game will be missed in this house. For all the years I’ve been “watching” football, I’m only now just starting to understand a little, teeny tiny bit of it. Go Giants! I do want to go to a game badly though…who have I become? And then, hockey oh hockey. After watching Team USA in the Olympics this past February, I got really into it, especially after the Rangers run to the Stanley Cup Finals. So much so that whatdaya know, I’m hooked. I’ve already got games scheduled. Hockeyyyyy. Oh, and, basketball…eh I mean it’s at the bottom of my list here but hey I won’t say no to it. I’m always down for a game at the Garden. And of course, my love for all this jazz has led me to continue the endless search for employment doing something with sports sports sports, but alas, nothing yet. Mmhmm. So, as I sit here writing this, the Giants are currently playing the Jets in a preseason battle for MetLife Stadium (go Big Blue!) so I’m watching that during commercial breaks because HEYYY YANKEES!!! Happy sports watching, fellow fanatics!


2 thoughts on “Sports Sports Sports!

  1. So….hockey game this year?!?!

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