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Super Powers

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What super power would you most like to have and why?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this question this week. Both because I had to mentally prepare to get back in the Honesty Time zone, and because I take this sort of prompt very seriously.

My answer can’t be boring like flight or invisibility or something everyone says when asked this question. So I’ve thought about this a lot, desperately seeking originality.

At first I thought, “My super power should be to actually be able to talk to people without having a panic attack or sounding like a totally awkward crazy person!” And then my next thought was, “That’s not a super power. That’s just being a human person, which, when it comes to social interactions, you are not qualified to call yourself.”

And then I thought, “What about the ability to eat anything I want without gaining any weight?” But then I realized that that also isn’t a super power…that’s either just having a fast metabolism or not being a lazy jerk.

And then I realized something…I’m kind of a lazy jerk. And then it hit me…teleportation. Well, let’s be honest, I actually thought “I wanna apparate!” because my brain is usually only one step away from “HarryPotterHarryPotterHarryPotter.” So that’s what I choose. I want to be able to think of a place and then just be there, do my thang, then be home a second later. Think of the possibilities. No more cars or planes or walking. Glorious.

But let’s be real, if I could apparate, I would probably mostly use it to move from my fridge to my bed.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

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