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My Perfect Saturday

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So when I first started thinking about my perfect Saturday I came up with some pretty wild ideas about being able to eat all of the food I want and not get full, to be able to sleep in but also start my day bright and early, and to go shopping and get everything that I want but it would all be free!  While I appreciate the opportunity to dream big and get creative, I was also getting kind of bummed about that fact that my perfect Saturday is literally impossible.  So, instead I’ve decided to focus on my perfect, possible Saturday, so that maybe when I have some time I can make it a goal to actually make this happen.

8am – I would wake up naturally around 8, well rested and ready to begin my day.  I would enjoy my coffee in the peace and quiet of the apartment for a little while and then head out for a run or a yoga class or something to get going.

11am – I would come back and my boyfriend would be awake, we would shower and get ready quickly and we would tidy up the apartment and then we would go out for a long brunch or bagels and more coffee.

11pm – We would go together to explore another part of the city or maybe do some shopping.  Maybe we would find a flea market and we would find the perfect mirror to hang in the empty space over our pretend fire place that we’ve been talking about but not actively looking for, for months.    But even if we didn’t find it, we would still have a good time walking around and exploring.  We would probably do this until we got hungry.

4pm – We would find somewhere quiet to eat lunch and we would order sandwiches and probably more coffee (maybe tea for me).

5pm – We would come home and maybe watch tv, or read, or take a nap and relax for a little while.

8pm – We would probably realize here that we don’t have any food in the apartment, so we might go to the grocery store and cook something together, or we might just order take out.  Actually, I’d rather order take out.

10pm – After dinner I would go and meet some friends and we would go to a really fun bar, but that isn’t so loud that we can’t talk, and have lots of drinks and lots of fun for a long time.

So that would be my totally do-able, perfect Saturday.  Except maybe the eating out for every meal thing because, you know, grad school.  But still, sometimes you have to “treat yo’ self”.


Photo from platkat.com


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