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Brothers & Sisters

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The thing I love most about having brothers and sisters


I have one sister. She is three years younger than me, and we are basically completely opposite people. Our personalities are very different, and we go through spurts of being close and not so much. For about the past five years, things have been a bit rocky in our relationship as we have both started to come into our own as adults, but I’m hoping now that we’re both out of college and starting to make our ways in the world, we’ll only get closer…even though geographically we are very far apart right now.

As long as I can remember, she is the one person who can make me laugh the hardest. Doing goofy things or making witty comments at the right moment, she hits my funny bone. She is book smart, but not as street smart as I am, so she tends to do things where I can just roll my eyes at try to be a big sister and have an explanation. Also, having to both deal with the same parents gives us the same general misery index (I kid…our parents are great, but you know how parents are). We have each other do bounce off of.

Now that my sister is on the other side of the country, I realize how much I miss not having her around as much. Even when she was in school, she was home every so often. Her visits home starting this fall will be less than frequent. But I’m hoping that the times she is home, we can at least try to be sisterly. We’re working on it. And having a younger sister as made me realize that should I want kids of my own in the future, I’d like to have two and have them be close. I think siblings are important in helping you become who you are.



One thought on “Brothers & Sisters

  1. I so agree about siblings being important to who you are. Mine live 900-1000 miles away, and though I’m 35, I miss them and feel them in every single day. I already look forward to my own chance to see them next, though I saw them just a couple of months ago …

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