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Yo, MTV Cribs

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Oh hey, MTV. Are you still here? Is it 2001? Bless. I loved the 2000s.

I’m going to show you my pad. My crib. Where I chill. But I’m only going to show you the most important parts. That is, my room and the cats’ stuff.

When you walk into my house, the first thing you see is this s-curve scratcher thing for Licorice. Note the absence of cat.

s curve scratcher

Sometimes she’s here, in this chair. Still not here.

photo 3

On nights when I get home after dark, Jasmine usually waits at this perch and stares at the driveway until my C30 and I pull in.

c30 in driveway

Cliché Cribs line coming up in 3…2…1…

Here’s where the magic happens.

viking oven microwave

My oven. That’s right. This where all of the baking happens, and we all know I could never live without that.

Here’s another cat locale, this time in my parents’ room. She’s still not there.

photo 5-1

Here’s my room. It’s messy. You try cramming 4 years of dorm room living and an apartment into your childhood bedroom and let me know how that turns out. We’re cramped in here.


You can also see my bookshelf in the background. As well, you can see the very large mound that is my TARDIS blanket taking over the armchair at the foot of my bed.

Also, I honestly just don’t know re: the painting on my wall. My grandma did it and we just leave it there in order to keep the peace.

This is my sewing room. Note the absence of sewing machine, fabric, etc. My brother recently came to visit for a whopping 12 hours and I had to remove my workshop. Boo.

photo 4-1

Ok, Cribs, it’s time to kick you out. You’ve overstayed your welcome.

Don’t worry about the stuffed mouse on the way out, Licorice has got this handled.

photo 4


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A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

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