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Describe what your heaven would be like.


My goodness. This is a loaded question. My heaven would be filled with everything that I like, and there’s a lot of those things. I guess this is more or less my ideal world and not so much heaven, but we’ll call it heaven for the purpose of this post.

It would be somewhat countryish, or rural, basically where I’m from in New Jersey. Great weather, beautiful scenery, quiet. But then there would also be the beach, a la the Jersey shore. Because I love my beaches, and the Jersey shore is also one of the most beautiful places. I love a good sunrise and sunset, so I’ve got to set myself up for that. All my other favorite places (and places I’ve never been to but want to go to) would just appear whenever I want.


There would be horses, because duh. All my favorites that I’ve ever ridden and all the famous ones I adore and of course my giraffe.


All my friends and family and pets better be there because I’d probably be miserable if I was alone.

Food. All my favorite foods. And I wouldn’t gain weight. How perfect would that be. I dream of being able to eat all the pasta and pizza and brownies and ice cream in the world and not have it show. Ugh.

That might be it. I’m pretty simple. Those are pretty much the general things I’d want in my heaven. I guess I can’t complain too much because I’m lucky enough to most of it this way right now.



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