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The Year was 1997


If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose?

I want to be 8 again. I thought about this a lot. 8. That was a good time. Here’s why 8 was fantastic. I’ll paint the picture for you… it was 1997 and


1. Second grade was the tops. I had the best teacher ever. I actually had the chicken pox when I was in second grade. Chicken pox t 2nd graders is like ebola is to everyone else right now. I was the first kid who had it in our grade. So what did my teacher do? She bought the book Arthur’s Chicken Pox and read it to the class on my first day back. She was an angel.

2. Mario Kart 64 was released in the US. It would go on to become a legendary game, provoking long walks across college campuses while carrying N64s and TVs. (True story)

3. This movie came out and changed the world. Girl power!

4. This classic list of music – The Billboard Year End Hot 100 for 1997. I couldn’t choose just one song to highlight, so just check out the entire list. “Quit Playin’ Games”? Yes, BSB, I love you! “Semi-Charmed Life”? Instant winner. Aaliyah is on this list. The Spice Girls are all over the list. Chumbawamba! “BARBIE GIRL”. Thank you, 1997, for these new classics.

5. That year also gave us Titanic, Men in Black, and a movie from my favorite childhood franchise: The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Yas, dinosaurs, yas. Yas Jeff Goldblum, YAS.



Those are just a few reasons why I want to be 8 again. But really, 8 was a simple time. I’m still friends with my 2 best friends from then. Heck, I’m even still friends with my 2nd grade teacher! My biggest stressor was the weekly spelling test and whether or not I would be playing Ginger or Posh during recess.

I think that in a time when most kids are trying so hard to grow up faster, it really is refreshing to look back on just how good childhood was.


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

3 thoughts on “The Year was 1997

  1. I just laughed out loud at “provoking long walks across college campuses while carrying N64s and TVs. (True story).” You forgot about the part where it was icy and we were falling over the place. If I was going to make a list of all the ridiculous things we’ve ever done, that would be at the top.

    • I don’t even remember the ice. I think I blocked that memory out. I just remember how damn heavy all of that stuff was. I know we’re friends with Sam and all, but WHY did we do that?

      • Yeah, we definitely did it February during senior year, when we had a bunch of snow storms in a row. I think we underestimated how heavy it would be. At least Sam carried the TV back to Riker?

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