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The Greatest Halloween Costume

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I think my experiences with Halloween so far in my life have been pretty average. I went trick or treating up until I was about halfway through high school. In college, I just dressed up every year and ran around campus with my friends. I did have some clever costumes in college but didn’t put 100% effort into making them what they could be. Middle school and high school I just wasn’t creative enough. But my whole life, I don’t think I’ve had a costume that comes quite as close as topping the one I had when I was in first grade. Let me explain.

My mom liked to find arts and crafts for my sister and I to do when we were younger. It kept us busy for hours at a time and was certainly better than sitting in front of a tv for half the day. (Sidenote: thank god we were raised when we were, pre- kids knowing how to use an iPad by the age of two). Anyway, my sister and I were obsessed with all the animated Disney movies like every other kid, so that combined with the popularity of the live version 101 Dalmatians and my mother coming across some creative Halloween costume article, she thought of the perfect costume: dalmatians.

To create the ensemble, she bought us each white sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hats. Then she bought a ton of black felt and cut out different sized circles. My sister and I then glued (with assistance) the spots all over the sweatpants and sweatshirts. Then my mom took some of my dad’s white socks and tucked them into the sides of the hats to create ears. To top the costume off, she painted our noses black, and voila! we were little pups.

By far the greatest costume I’ve ever had. We were pretty darn cute.


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