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The Black Keys

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I finally did it.  I finally saw The Black Keys in concert thanks to my pretty awesome (shh! don’t tell him I said so) boyfriend.  They played in the Barclays Center, a quick 20 minute express subway ride from the PATH station.  I have really loved them ever since I was introduced to them and wanted to see them live for some time.  Their last album “El Camino” was released around 2011 and I have eagerly been awaiting their new music.  Then finally “Turn Blue” was release upon the world and I jumped at my chance.

If you are not familiar with The Black Keys, they are an American rock duo, Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums),  that originated in Ohio.   The duo came out with their first album around 2002 with an album called “The Big Come Up which included covers by a few blues musicians.  Their earlier albums such as “Thickfreakness,”(2003) “The Moan, EP” (2004) and “Rubber Factory” (2004), rely heavily on a raw bluesy rock type influence that made me fall in love from the first listen.  As the later albums came out, they moved more toward a different type of rock sound, although still great, definitely different from what I was used to.  Then “Turn Blue” was released and it is a great album.  It sounds more like The Black Keys I fell in love with as you start to hear that heavy blues influence creep in on tracks such as Weight of Love and the title track Turn Blue.  

Needless to say, they clearly did not disappoint me.  They sounded incredible live, pretty much right off of the CD.  Dan Auerbach is an amazing vocalist and guitarist and Patrick Carney was equally amazing.  The show was given an obviously incredible amount of thought.  The lights were amazing interacting with song changes and selections.  The Black Keys even went back almost a decade in music for the set list!  I really cannot say enough great things.  In short… They were amazing.

Here are some pictures from where I was sitting.

If you haven’t heard any of their music, you should really give them a listen.  I find that every single time I listen, I just start doing the head nod that is like a universal signal that there is something worth listening to playing. In fact, here is a video of the concert I went to from youtube…watch it


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