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How to Spend 12 Hours in Sausalito


Ok, technically 11.5 hours. Give or take. Whatever.

I recently had to travel to Sausalito, CA for an interview.

To cut ahead and just get it out of the way, I won’t know if I actually got the job for another two weeks or so. So let’s just get that out in the open. 

The problem with this traveling proposition was that I had to be there on Friday, preferably. But I had a dress rehearsal Thursday night, and two shows on Saturday for Wizard of Oz that I couldn’t miss.

Cut to me following a ridiculous flight schedule and spending a day in the office doing unexpected work/test/interview exercises for hours and then getting home all in the same day.

Pictures with captions can help explain this better than I can on my own, so I took lots of pictures (when I wasn’t working, of course) to illustrate my day. Here we go!


Red Eye? I’ll give you red eye. Here I am at 2:30am Friday morning. No, you didn’t misread that time. Oh look, “Chopped” is on TV. That’s how early it is. The infomercials aren’t even on yet.


I took a town car to the airport because no one wanted to take me. Because I left at 3:45am. I don’t blame them. Here’s the fancy panel in the backseat. In the dark. Because it was early. Too early for the sun.


My driver remarked that I packed very light. Well, all I took were a pair of suit pants (I wore yoga pants on the plane), my resume, my iPod, phone, charger, wallet, concealer, eye drops, hand sanitizer, a toothbrush, and a bunch of Larabars. Because when you aren’t even staying for a full day, what else do you need?

Covert selfies.

Covert selfies.

Here I am at the gate. It is still very early (about 5am at this point) and I am beat.

What else would I listen to to appease my mood at this hour? Obviously nothing but Ciara Renée’s screlt and the #1 romantic song of all time, both from Big Fish.


Here I am about 35 minutes later, pondering my fate. Aka who will sit next to me. Plot twist, no one sat in the middle. Glorious!


We have landed. It is now about 9:30am West Coast time (about 12:30pm NY time, if we want to compare). My hair has deflated. I am not amused in this picture. I was also crazy nervous realizing I was about to go on the biggest interview type thing of my life ever.


10am/1pm. In my pickup car with another interview recruit and the person from the office who drove us. My first and pretty much only glimpse of San Francisco.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge from the car because #Tourist

We got to the office at 11am/2pm. What followed were a bunch of exercises and talks and a lot of shaking hands and saying hello to people I’ve been emailing since summer, but never actually met. Also, they got us the most excellent selection of Thai food for lunch. Yessssss. No pictures because I did not dare take my phone out at the office.

Fast forward to 2:30pm/5:30pm. We were done with all of the work set out for us, but our ride back to the airport was again someone from the office who wasn’t leaving until 6pm, so what to do? Explore. The following pictures are actually where the office is located.

If my office were here, I’d never get anything done. This also explains why a lot of people in the office were hard to keep track of, because they were going out for walks. Actually, part of my interview happened on a walk. We talked about Australia and clown school and being gluten free the entire time. “Interview”?????????????? IMG_1561

Spot It. This is a camp joke. No one will get this. But I saw it in a store in the town while exploring, and laughed forever.

These pictures are why it is called “The Bay Area.” Lots of pictures, some selfies. It’s all good. It was actually beautiful. The day was perfect. There was a slight breeze, it was sunny and in the mid 60s.


There was a Christmas store with the funniest Merman ornaments in the display window. Anyone want a hunky cowboy merman ornament for their tree this year? May or may not have bought some for everyone…

(I didn’t. I regret this)


At about 4pm/7pm, we decided that there was no better way to finish enjoying the Bay Area than by going to a hipster coffee shop. I ordered mint tea, made with fresh loose tea leaves and a heaping handful of fresh mint.IMG_1620

At about 5pm/8pm, we made it back to the office. I’ve mentioned before that we, as a company, take mancala very seriously. The giant board was even present at the office.


By 6:30pm/9:30pm, I was back at the airport and at my gate. Don’t I look thrilled to be at the gate 3 hours before my flight?

My flight took off at about 9:25pm/12:25am. I have no further “travel” pictures. I was stuck in the middle seat. I was tired. I didn’t sleep. My plane arrived back in New York at 5:15am.

Yes, I do love Snapchat. What of it?

Yes, I do love Snapchat. What of it?

Here’s my bed at 6:40am when I got home.

Here’s how I got through a 2 show day at the theatre on whatever day it was (Saturday?).


And here was me with my baby kitty at about 12am, 45.5 hours later, finally ready to go to sleep.

That’s how you do Sausalito in 11.5 hours.

For the record, I would not have traded this trip for anything. It was rough and I was so tired that I’m still convinced it was all a dream, but I had the chance to see a new place and put myself out there for my company. And if I do get the job, there will truly be no doubt in my commitment level for the company.

So if someone ever asks you to do a ridiculous trip like this for the sake of work, just do it. If I can do it, anyone can. It may work out in your favor.


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

2 thoughts on “How to Spend 12 Hours in Sausalito

  1. Forget this job. How do we get jobs that are actually IN Sausalito?! Holy crap, it’s gorgeous there. While you were there, I was scraping snow off my car.

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