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Can we talk about Serial?


First of all, I’m so sorry I haven’t been around very much lately! To be honest, Wednesday’s are my busiest day of the week by far, but I really wanted to make some time today to write something! Also, I’m procrastinating studying for a quiz tomorrow.

I’ve had the new Taylor Swift song stuck in my head all day(my not-so-guilty-pleasure) so I was thinking about sharing that with you, but instead I want to talk about something else that I’ve been listening to.

(along with the rest of the world)

I don’t want to give too much away but I’m completely hooked.  I’ve convinced two of my friends at school to start listening and I would recommend it to anyone else with an interest in podcasts, crime dramas,  criminal justice, and/or murder mysteries, but really everyone else too.  It keeps me completely on the edge of my seat, but isn’t scary at all which I feel is rare in most stories relating to murder.

The one thing that keeps getting to me is that this is a true story.  I’m very entertained by shows like Law & Order, so sometimes I feel a little guilty that I’m so entertained by this story about a real woman’s death, and that has also affected so many other lives. I guess I can only hope that something good comes out of it, and that justice is provided for all of the parties involved in this tragedy.

Has anyone been listening? I’m super excited for tomorrow’s episode to come out!

(SERIAL text photo from theguardian.com)



4 thoughts on “Can we talk about Serial?

  1. omg stoooop. i wanted to write about serial this week too! i guess i’ll come up with something else 🙂 i’m finally all caught up. my coworker and i talk about nonstop. i’m obsessed. we have to discuss.

  2. Ahhh I keep hearing people talk about this, but because when I work I live under a rock, I had no idea what it was. I feel like I should listen to it.

  3. Yes, everyone must listen to it, and we should all talk about it!

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