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Tis Almost The Season

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This is it! The last Friday before we become one hundred percent fully immersed in the holiday season. It’s weird, especially since it’s felt like Christmastime since August (thanks, Macy’s). Don’t get me wrong, I love the month leading up to Christmas…but that’s it. Just the month. Let’s wait until Thanksgiving is over and done with first, please. We have a bet going on in my house as to when we think the radio will start playing Christmas music. I say anytime between this Saturday and Monday. Ayyy. I’m excited for it, but don’t want to get sick of it so early. And seriously people, I know there are sales and steals and deals that you tell yourself you need to take advantage of, but seriously, why do people make this week about how much money you plan on saving and not about relaxing and family and food (mostly food)? Cool your jets, people.  So for the next week, avoid all things holiday-ish like the plague. Except Starbucks red cups. Those are okay.



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One thought on “Tis Almost The Season

  1. I hate to tell you, but the radio has already been playing Christmas music. I refuse to listen until next week, though.

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