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Offseason Stress

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You guys. YOU GUYS. I’ve had so much anxiety today, and it’s all because the Yankees decided to wake up and start making moves. It sure is Hot Stove time around these parts now. Perhaps I should revisit the question I posed earlier this year year (and never followed through with): should I start a Yankee blog? I can only do so much on here, as I feel most of you Honesty Timers will say cool off Rachel, get outta here with that baseball talk. I got no one to talk to about all these baseball moves happening, and I can’t keep this stress inside of me, I have to talk to somebody!!! Maybe I should find some forums online to do such a thing, but I don’t want to argue. Ugh I’m itching for baseball season. I need to get to a sporting event to calm me down, stat!

P.S. Sorry this post isn’t much. There needs to be more time in the day on Fridays :-/

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