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The Work Week Struggle


Fridays are great. They are the start of the weekend come 4 or 5 pm for most of us. Getting to Friday though, well, we all know how the week drags on. Work is work, and I for one would rather be out doing other things, but what can ya do. Lucky for me, I have fellow bro Lori to chat with online to get through the days. Here’s basically what we talk about on a daily basis.

We usually start of every morning by talking about how tired we are. Dragging ourselves out of bed every day is rough, especially in the winter. Neither of us has any energy. We talk about how we never want to leave our homes ever again.

Then we tend to move on to talking about the food blog and what’s on the menu for that day or the rest of the week.

Which then gets us talking about how hungry we are. Always. Of course, it’s too early for lunch because the day just started. The struggle continues.

Then it’s on to what each of us is working on (or not working on…). We have honesty time, we look for jobs, we talk about what crazy things our co-workers and bosses do throughout the day. Trying to get through the day takes FOR-EV-ER. We often circle back to food because let’s be real, it’s the most important thing in our lives, and thank god it’s lunchtime by then.

Usually by the afternoon, we proclaim things like “three more hours are you serious?” because afternoons are the worst and they drag on and on and on. It’s a countdown every hour. And we’re lucky because we both get to leave at 4. The three o’clock hour on a Friday is the worst. We’re both on the edge of our seats counting every minute and hoping we can leave a little bit early.

We’re both on the edge of our seats counting every minute and hoping we can leave a little bit early. We’re full of hope, but often disappointed.

We talk about how excited we are for the weekend and how the first thing we’re doing when we each get home is put our pjs on. What better what to start the weekend right? Our bodies can’t handle wearing real people clothes for five days in a row all day long. It’s too much. So much struggle. Why can’t we just wear sweatpants and hoodies and slippers to work? I approve of this dress code.

But really, that last hour is THE WORST. And when the clock strikes 4:00, FREEDOM!


And then we do it all over again Monday. Join the struggle, won’t you?



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2 thoughts on “The Work Week Struggle

  1. This is my favorite ever #thestruggle

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