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Binge Watching Friends


Well, we’re a good week into the new year, which means that we should all should have started binge watching Friends on Netflix. It’s funny watching it now, as I am about the age the characters were in the early seasons. Over the years, we’ve all tried to decide what character we would be if we were on the show, or what qualities we have from each of them, like we do with most shows we enjoy watching. I’ve decided I’m not really just one of them, I’m a combination of all.

Rachel: Well, we share a name. I like fashion. Sometimes common knowledge just goes right over my head like her before I figure it out.

Monica: I can be a bit OCD, though not always clean…I can organize and tidy just about anything for anyone except myself (my apartment would be a mess). I can be controlling at times, and certainly I am competitive.

Phoebe: I feel like I always think the same as Phoebe, but she actually comes out and says what she feels.  I do not. So much for honesty. Like her, I’m weird (okay maybe not that much, but a little). Street smart too, but not bold enough to do everything she does in her crazy life.

Joey: We are basically the same because we love food and sports. How you doin’, Joey? I’m not sure I know what real work is, as I don’t have a “real” job. I can be dumb sometimes, but I’m also a kind, caring friend like him.

Chandler: Could I BE any more sarcastic? Seriously, I sometimes feel like I relate to him the most. I’m also “hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”

Ross: I am just as socially awkward as Ross. I’m also a bit paranoid sometimes and perhaps get hung up on things longer than I should. Here’s hoping I don’t get married and divorced three times!


If you haven’t already started watching perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms in television history, you better get going. Because Friends is perfection.


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