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So Lori and I have recently brought back up our idea of doing more activities and not just sitting at home binge watching Netflix on the weekends (thought there is absolutely one hundred percent nothing wrong with that). Even though it’s winter and basically cold and/or gross out every weekend, we can at least think of things we want to do. The less expensive, the better. Free even! We didn’t talk too much about what we wanted to do, aside from getting outside and trying to find some local places to go hiking when the weather is nice. But I tried to come up with some things after a little bit of research. I also went back to my New York City bucket list and figured there’s definitely things there that can be done without spending a bajillion dollars. So here’s some things that I think would be fun and a little adventurous. Gotta take advantage of what’s out there because YOLO.

1. Hiking, because New Jersey’s got tons of mountains and trails. These rookies just gotta find them and not get lost. Not about to go all Surviorman up in here.

2. Round Valley Reservoir. I live pretty close to it and it’s only $10 to park on weekends. It’s not super crazy to walk around, but there’s some nice paths and you can get some pretty awesome pictures if you’re into photography.

3. Duke Gardens Estate. You know that school, Duke University? Yeah, the family who started that school is from New Jersey, and one of the main properties is now a giant park. Super pretty in the spring with all the flowers blooming and all. Lots of walking paths. I’m into it.

4. Turtleback Zoo (~$11-$13) or the Bronx Zoo (~$25). I haven’t been to a zoo since I was in Peru. Even though there’s a cost for a ticket and the travel cost, zoos are fun. Why not?

5. Camden Aquarium (~$26). I haven’t been here since I was a kid, though I’ve not really had a desire to travel to the murder capital of the US. I’m sure a trip to the aquarium wouldn’t be so bad though, right? It’s far but tempting.

6. Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty ($18). Admission to both are free, but you’ve got to pay to get there, and that’s where the boat comes in. Damn ferries, why you gotta be $18? Anyway, I haven’t been to either of these places in almost ten years, and they are such interesting places. I’m also drawn to them having had family members go through Ellis Island as immigrants.

7. Museums. I’m super nerdy and am down to go to museums. You can never stop learning, and there’s so much history that we don’t know about, so why not find those places. For example, the Thomas Edison museum. I went there when I was a kid, but why not go back and see it differently as an adult? Bonus: some museums are free!

8. Liberty Science Center. Always something fun here.

9. Biking along the Delaware River canal. I’ve heard that this is a thing you can do, and it can be considered fitness, so when the weather’s nice, why not?

10. Princeton. My sister goes here often with friends and just walks around, goes to the restaurants and all the little shops. It’s supposed to be a cute town so why not spend a day exploring?

11. The beach. You all know my love for the Jersey Shore by now. Sometimes the offseason is a great time to go. You may not get a tan, but it’s nice to relax, not have to deal with the crowds, or pay for a badge!

12. Finding the best places to eat in our town/city/state. We’ve talked about food tours in New York City, but I’m up for exploring anywhere really. Every year the newspapers and magazines come out with a “best” type of every kind of place to eat. So let’s just make our own.


So those are just some things I’ve come up with to keep busy when I might have some down time. Any suggestions of fun things to do (the cheaper the better!) are welcome! And they can be different and a little crazy…we’re always up for a good adventure, right?


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