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Winter Skin Blues

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I’m writing from my phone. Under my heated blanket. With greasy Aveno lotion hands.

I’m either having an allergic reaction to something or just bad winter skin blues because I’m so itchy and my skin is very dry and very red. I’m not sure how to figure out exactly what it is wrong without taking yet another trip to a doctor’s office. Lame. Even my fingertips are itchy.


Anybody need some cheese to go with that honesty whine?

That’s the low point of my day.

The high point?

Finishing all of the bodysuits for Cats! And I did it with the help of my chill Pandora station. I put down Boy & Bear as my starting artist and have been enjoying all of the really mellow, catchy tunes coming my way all day long.

What’s your current favorite Pandora/ITunes radio/Spotify station? Any “must listen” artists on your mind?

Good music can really change the course of the day, do you agree?

Usually when I’m working, I prefer the background noise of the TV since it’s more mindless than music and much easier to drown out. However, since I was painting today, the music was giving me a good rhythm and getting me to the Zen art zone.

Now if only good music could clean the Aveeno off of my phone screen. Oops.

This is a short, lazy post but all I can think of is Cats the Musical music and how itchy my finger tips are. Yikes.


Author: Allyssa Ellen

A costumer, a makeup artist, an educator, and a librarian, all rolled up into one convenient, fun-sized package.

One thought on “Winter Skin Blues

  1. I love Boy & Bear!

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