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Thoughts Going Through My Head While At The Dentist


I don’t mind going to the dentist. Really. I never had any terrifying experiences growing up. So when I got older and had to get all that extra work like fillings and stuff (I take really good care of my teeth, I promise!), I wasn’t too terrified. Just, you know, that needle with Novocaine. That’s not fun. Well I had a regular appointment on Monday and they wanted me to come back to do something with a filling. I’m not even really sure what it was, but they said they could squeeze me in first thing at 8am this morning. Ugh. So I decided, much like Lori’s post from last week, to document my thoughts from my visit this morning.

  • It’s way too early to be here.
  • I really don’t like needles.
  • Oh my. I’m quite numb.
  • Tongue? Are you there?
  • Where is the left side of my face?
  • The needle in my mouth is way too long.
  • More Novocaine? You need to get more?
  • Is my heart supposed to be beating this fast?
  • Why am I shaking.
  • I really can’t feel the left side of my face.
  • My hands are really shaking a lot.
  • Are my teeth still there?
  • Why isn’t this over.
  • I feel like I have a droopy lip. Like a dog.
  • I’m pretty sure my whole face is numb now.
  • My tongue feels like it’s the size of a watermelon.
  • My dentist is wearing Sperrys. He’s such a bro.
  • He also drives a fancy Porsche.
  • He’s been my dentist for 25 years?! He’s so nice.
  • Wait come back I’m definitely numb now!
  • Okay let’s get this done with please.
  • These power tools are really loud.
  • Now he’s talking about Deflate-gate.
  • He’s such a bro. I love it.
  • Now he’s talking about Mortdecai.
  • Apparently that’s an old name. Great.
  • Please don’t cough on me.
  • That’s it? Done!
  • I definitely just slobbered all over myself.
  • I definitely cannot talk.
  • I think my lips and tongue are hanging off my face.
  • I don’t want to be numb anymore 😦
  • A few more hours until feelings 😦
  • And now I’m gonna be on time for work. Boo.

Side note: Novocaine makes me nauseous. So that’s fun. It also took a good four hours for the numbness to go away. Take care of your teeth, kids. You don’t want to experience any of this fun.

Really thrilled.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts Going Through My Head While At The Dentist

  1. Novocaine makes me superrrr sick. And I hate the dentist.

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