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20 Things to Do on Super Bowl Sunday Besides Watching the Super Bowl

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I love sports, but football is not my favorite. I understand and can follow the game, but I just don’t particularly care about it. If you are like me and are not going to a Super Bowl party this year, don’t care about football in general, or don’t care about the teams involved this year, here is a list of alternate Super Bowl Sunday activities:

  1. Watch the Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet) and the Kitten Bowl (Hallmark Channel).
  2. Gather all the pets you can find and have your own live Puppy and Kitten Bowl.
  3. Create your own Mary-Kate & Ashley movie marathon, like ABC Family used to do on Super Bowl Sunday.
  4. Have a chip and dip party. Alone, so no one can see your shame.
  5. Actually go outside and play football with friends instead of watching other people do it.
  6. Host a chili cook-off. All because you aren’t watching the game, doesn’t mean you can’t eat the food.
  7. Reenact your favorite Super Bowl commercials in your living room.
  8. Put on your own halftime show, also in your living room.
  9. Watch Chopped on The Food Network and yell at your TV like people do when they watch sports (THE PLAYERS CAN HEAR YOU.)
  10. Build a pillow and blanket fort and live inside it forever.
  11. Watch a The Little Giants and Remember the Titans double feature.
  12. Eat a super big bowl of ice cream.
  13. Place bets on the over/under of how many times you are going to have to pretend you care about football at work on Monday.
  14. Randomly yell things like “TOUCHDOWN” and “HIGH FIVE” so your neighbors think you are really watching the game.
  15. Watch old Super Bowl commercials on YouTube, so you don’t have to worry about the football interrupting the good stuff.
  16. Put eye black on your face and randomly tackle strangers on the street.
  17. Order food from all the places having Super Bowl specials.
  18. Pretend you don’t know what football is and randomly tweet things like “deep to left, it is high, it is far, that ball is GONE” or “GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL.”
  19. Watch the pregame coverage and pretend like you’re the Fashion Police before the Grammys or Oscars.
  20. Drink a lot of beer so you’re just as hungover as everyone else the next day.


Thanks to Rachel for helping me come up with this list.


Author: Lori

Lori is a writer living and working in New Jersey. Her greatest literary influences are Dr. Seuss, JK Rowling, and Harriet the Spy.

One thought on “20 Things to Do on Super Bowl Sunday Besides Watching the Super Bowl

  1. Any time. I plan on doing all of these. Which means I’ll be adopting quite a few kittens and puppies before Sunday.

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